The P365 XMACRO — The P365 Goes Up A Size By: Travis Pike


The Sig P365 lineup just keeps growing. Admittedly, that’s not a surprise. The P365 started the micro compact genre, and that genre now accounts for 25% of the firearms being ordered by gun stores. Not a bad way to dominate the market.

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As the P365 has evolved, we’ve seen it shrink in caliber, we’ve seen it become snag-free., and now we are seeing a model that somewhat defies the basic idea of the P365, but still wears the P365 moniker. The new P365-XMacro moves from micro compact into…well, mini compact?

Sig P365 XMacro
The XMacro is still fairly small.

I’m not sure what to call it. Maybe we can call it the Compact Mini? In the world of handguns, the term “compact”  often applies to guns that are roughly the size of a Glock 19, and the P365-XMacro takes more cues from the Glock 19 than it does the Glock 43. The original P365 instantly brought the single stack nine to obsolescence. The Sig P365-XMacro aims to do the same for guns the size of the Glock 19.

Let’s look at the P365-XMacro.

The XMacro features a 3.1-inch barrel, which might have you scratching your head. That is shorter than the barrel of the P365Xl. Yet, somehow the P365-XMacro has an overall length of 6.6 inches which is the same as the P365XL.

What gives?

Well, Sig Equipped the XMacro with an innovative two-port compensator that is part of the slide. The barrel stops before the first port. This creates a slightly longer gun, but it’s not any longer than the P365XL I carry now.

The P365 XMacro is a bit wider than the standard P365 at 1.1 inches. It’s not thicc by any means, but the wider design is done for a reason. If you are going to go big, you might as well embrace that size. The thicker grip fills the hand better, admittedly. It also allows the frame to utilize a standard Picatinny rail. Now you don’t need to worry about Sig’s proprietary setup.

Sig P365 XMacro
It’s big for a little gun, but small for a big gun.

This gun is the perfect size for a TLR-7. The weapon weighs 21.5 ounces, and Sig even provides the sight radius at 5.1 inches. The grip also now can be customized for an improved fit, and it comes with three backstraps.

As for the trigger, Sig embraced the flat trigger design with the P365, and the P365-XMacro gets that same flat trigger treatment. There is also a noticeably more pronounced beavertail on the XMacro’s frame.

The weapon comes with two 17-round magazines, and these magazines are P365 compatible. Oh, and of course, the gun is optic-ready!

Size is Relative

The P365-XMacro is big for a P365 but small for a handgun with a 17-round capacity. It’s considerably smaller than the Glock 19 but has the capacity of the Glock 17.

Sig P365 XMacro and 17-round magazine
17 rounds in a weapon this size is impressive.

Much like the P365 before it, the P365-XMacro is increasing the efficiency of the platform. What’s the point of purchasing the Glock 19 when something like the XMacro exists? The price difference isn’t much, and the XMacro offers some substantial benefits over the stock standard Glock 19.

Just the Tip — Compensator Concerns

The P365-XMacro comes equipped with a compensator, and if that turns you off, I understand. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they produce a non-comped version. The model number is 365XCA-9-COMP. This leads me to believe that there will be a 365XCA-9 model without the compensator. I actually prefer the compensator and generally enjoy shooting comped guns.

A lot of folks have concerns regarding compensators on carry guns. Some are misunderstood, and we want to clear that up. Will a compensator kill your night vision due to the bright flash? With certain guns, calibers, and compensators, sure, probably. However, a 9mm isn’t tossing up that much gas.

muzzle flash from comp on Sig P365 XMacro
The comp creates some muzzle flash, but not enough to be concerned about.

Even shooting 124-grain +P JHPs at 7 PM didn’t result in any noticeable flash. I got one good muzzle flash picture, and it took 13 rounds to generate that.

Toss a compensator on a 2.5-inch 44 Magnum, and yeah, you might get some serious flash issues. The other concern with compensators is close retention. The redirected gasses can burn you if you’re not careful and can generally be less comfortable overall for close retention shooting. This concern is valid, but it can be mitigated.

P365 XMacro At the Range

Good lord, that little comp works wonders. The gun barely moves upward, and it takes a microsecond to realize how fast you return to target. It’s downright addictive to shoot. I don’t think a compensator is mandatory, but I can certainly appreciate its benefits.

Those benefits can seem a little overblown on the square range with a good stance and two hands on the gun.

Smoke from barrel of Sig P365 XMacro after firing
Muzzle flash doesn’t occur with every shot and it’s never blinding.

Where the comp really shines is when you are shooting one-handed or in compromised positions. Shooting a comped gun with one hand is often where you’ll notice the most benefit.

The P365-XMacro is super easy to shoot and easy to shoot fast and straight. I shot drills like the 10-10-10 with every round in the black and scored a personal best of just under six seconds for one run.

Besides the compensator, the larger, thicker grip allows for more control over the gun and makes it easy to keep it low and on target.

Banging Hammers

The trigger pull is fantastic, and the gun is perfectly accurate out to 35 yards in an unsupported standing position. At 35 yards, I punched the guts of a 10-inch gong consistently and easily.

Back out to even fifty yards, and I scored an 8 out of 10 Dickens drill. With the addition of a red dot, I’m betting a ten for ten is well within my skill level.

I would have loved to shoot some from the holster drills, but alas, the P365 XMacro market is still small, and I didn’t have a holster on hand. Even so, I dialed in a few controls holster free and found the P365 XMacro performance to be fantastic. It’s one of the softest shooting, easiest handling compact handguns I’ve had the pleasure to shoot.

Sig P365 XMacro CCW gun
This might be the best CCW for those who want a full-sized gun.

I took a batch of Global Ordnance 9mm with me and found no fault in its firepower. The gun banged away, eating every round without issue.

After I hit 300 rounds, I felt compelled to share and get some opinions. My wife enjoyed shooting the P365-XMacro and was impressed by the effect of the comp. Although to her, the gun does seem louder than the other 9mms. That is a compensator side effect.

two port compensator
The little two-port compensator reduces recoil significantly.

I really enjoyed the ergonomics of the larger grip. For my big hands, they are much easier to reload, and my pinky isn’t ever in the way. With my P365, my pinky will pin the magazine in place, and if I don’t get it out of the way, it will flub my reload. The controls are set up just like a P365, and it feels like greeting an old friend.

Pull the Trigger

The P365-XMacro is a fantastic little gun. It might put Sig’s own P320C out to pasture if they aren’t careful. It’s slightly bigger than the P365 but more efficient than the Glock 19. If you love your P365, this probably isn’t the gun for you, but if you are a Glock 19 or Compact handgun fan, the P365-XMacro might change your life.