Everyday Carry Belt from Nexbelt Run Gun Heather By: Patti Miller


Finding the right everyday carry belt can be a struggle with so many options available to choose from. Thankfully the internet is ripe with reviews of many of the options, including a review of the EDC Nexbelt that Heather from Run Gun Heather [YouTube channelposted.

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Nexbelt ratchet system
Each of the Nexbelts comes with a ratcheting system to help secure a tight fit for the user.

Heather has had an EDC belt from Nexbelt for over a year and really likes it, as do commenters on the video. She wanted to show how the belt works and how to set it up properly so you will like it too.

Nexbelt started as a golf belt company back in 2010 but quickly became a go-to gun belt solution. The company offers a variety of different belts and buckles, which are interchangeable so there is a huge number of combinations. All the belts are one size fits all that you cut down to your desired size. Heather likes it because you cut it to fit your waist and fit your carry gun.

Nexbelt measurements on belt
All Nexbelts are one size fits all with measurement lines into the belt to help with fitting. The user can fit the belt and cut along the measurement line for a customized fit.

The belt itself is pretty stiff, as Heather demonstrates in the video, and the ratchet portion of the belt is proprietary to Nexbelt. The buckle comes off the end to allow for fitting. Heather, like many others, recommends measuring twice and cutting once. You want to lay out the belt so that you’re keeping the ratchet side and measurements on the outside, obviously. The inside of the belt has measurements clearly marked to make fitting easier for the end user.

Heather put the belt on and figured out the length of the belt she needed, double-checking the size and making her cut. With figuring out her size she added extra length to account for her gun width when she is carrying.

She used good quality shears to make a clean cut when she trimmed down the belt. After it’s trimmed down, the belt gets fed into the back of the buckle. 

Cutting Nexbelt to size
After test-fitting the Nexbelt to her body, Heather trims down the belt with a pair of good shears for a clean cut.

The teeth in the buckle clip help lock it down together. Additionally, the buckle and EDC belts come with set screws for added tension on the buckle to lock it in place. Once the buckle is locked, it can be ratcheted down for a snug fit.

EDC Buckle inside
The EDC Buckle for the Nexbelt has teeth on the bite point to secure the buckle to the belt.

The buckle can be tricky to open back up after closing it down on the belt (if you need to trim the belt again) so Heather used a screwdriver to release it. She then tried the belt back on with her gun and checked for fit. 

Set screws for EDC Buckle
The EDC Buckle comes with the added security and lock down with some set screws.

She likes the Nexbelt so much that she has several different kinds of belts including leather, nylon, and carbon fiber belt. Each of these options have straps that are stiff enough to successfully carry.