Pistol-to-Bullpup Conversion: META Tactical’s APEX Carbine By: Mark Miller

Meta APEX carbine conversion kit with Riton optic and Streamlight TLR VIR II

The APEX Carbine Conversion Kit is the world’s first bullpup-style pistol conversion kit. Turn your Glock or Smith and Wesson pistol into a handy carbine for range fun and home defense. The APEX is compatible with most 9mm Glock, Smith & Wesson, and P80 handguns. Available in Black, Stealth Grey, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth it has an MSRP of $599.99.

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The APEX is the right gun at the right time. The ATF’s newly proposed rule may turn arm braces into stocks, making many pistol conversions short barrel rifles. Each APEX kit includes a 16” barrel and chassis with a 26-inch extendable stock making the APEX a legal rifle in all 50 states.

Under federal law, a rifle with a barrel under 16 inches or an overall length under 26 inches can be classified as a “Short-barreled” rifle subject to the NFA. According to the ATF, “If the rifle or shotgun has a collapsible stock, the overall length is measured with the stock EXTENDED”. The APEX passes this test.

The bullpup configuration is ideal for this conversion. It is very light and balances perfectly in your hand. With the real estate to mount sling, sights, and lights, it gives you all the capability of a rifle for home protection without the length or over-penetration. A quality 9mm defense round with 200+ extra FPS provides plenty of energy.

Set up is quick and easy. I chose the Glock 17 as a host gun so the longer slide would support that long barrel. The assembly is really as easy as the video. Swap out your barrel with the APEX 16” barrel and slide your handgun into the hinged stock of the chassis. Close the hatch and insert a pin. Boom, you have a carbine.

I am not a big bullpup guy. I had the Styer AUG in the Customs Service and liked it well enough, but I haven’t really fallen for anything since then until the APEX. This conversion kit is a fun way to shoot pistol steel targets with a rifle. This idea is not new, but Meta does it better than anyone else. The bullpup design is perfect for the range and the home.

The controls are simple and intuitive. The grooved paddle drops the magazine with ergonomic retention. The slide stop on the pistol is easily accessible. The black lever inside the stock adjusts the length of pull. The black circle forward of the magazine release is the assembly pin.

If you are a one-gun shooter with a Glock or S&W pistol, the APEX conversion is a fun way to expand into rifle training and home defense without buying another gun and magazines. The APEX is fun to shoot. Short, balanced, and lightweight, the aim is fast and felt recoil negligible.

Headshots at 15 yards are no problem with an APEX and a Riton sight.

I never tire of shooting reactive steel like the dueling tree and Texas star. These targets aren’t feasible with rifle calibers, but the APEX carbine tears these things up for hours of fun. Now that 9mm ammunition is back on the shelves, it is time to get back to the range.

Steel targets at 50 yards are no match for the APEX.

The ability to mount sights and lights makes this hand package perfect for home defense. In close quarters you can beat the bullpup’s handy length. At room distances, you can identify and engage a threat with great precision.

For me, the Angled Fore Grip creates the perfect fit. The Streamlight VLR VIR II gives you 300 lumens of white LED light with an IR illuminator and laser if you want to break out those NVGs. An anodized aircraft aluminum body stands up to abuse but it is lighter than many other options. The switch is a nice match-up with the bullpup hand position.
The generous brass deflector makes left-handed shooting a snap. If you have an ambidextrous pistol, you can switch the magazine release to either side, but it only works on one side. MAGPUL flip-up sights stay out of the way until you need them.

The APEX features a 35-slot Aluminum NATO Picatinny Rail at 12 O’clock with M-Lok on the sides and bottom. accessory system. Standard features include:

  • Drop in 16” barrel conversion
  • Adjustable stock
  • Compensator included
  • Built-in cheek rest
  • Non-reciprocating charging handle
  • M-Lok accessory compatible
  • Quick-disconnect sling adapter
The non-reciprocating ambidextrous cocking handle is well designed.

The APEX is designed to work with the most popular pistols used with conversion kits and is compatible with most 9mm Glock, Smith & Wesson, and P80 handguns. It is available in four colors Black, Stealth Grey, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth

MSRP $599.99.

For more information on META Tactical and the APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit, go to metatactical.com.

ABOUT META TacticalMETA Tactical is a Minnesota-based company that designs, engineers, and distributes carbine conversion kits and innovative shooting accessories for firearm enthusiasts and Law Enforcement. All META Tactical products and accessories are made in the USA.

Photos by Mark Miller.