New Infitech Ruger PC Carbine ARL Chassis – Go AR15! By: Eric B


If you ever wanted your Ruger PC Carbine to have the same ergonomics as the AR-15, and use standard AR parts, Infitech now has a solution. Their new Ruger PC Carbine ARL Chassis can use the following AR15 parts: trigger/fire control group, safety, magazine release, pistol grip and buffer tube/stock. According to Infitech you can use any AR15 stock you like including the thumbhole versions made by Hera Arms. The MSRP is $670.43.

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Below: The ARL chassis is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and has a black finish. The weight is 13.8oz (390g), which is a reduction compared to their previous chassis systems.

Below: Note that the optic is mounted on the barrel, a solution TFB reviewed before.

Here is the preorder information from Infitech. The expected start of delivery is November 2022:

The ARL Chassis revolutionizes the Ruger PC Carbine platform and opens up a whole new world of customizing!

This chassis brings the Ruger PC Carbine head to head with 9mm ARs, combining the rugged reliability of the Ruger with the customizability and aftermarket support of the AR platform.

The design is based on a standard AR15 lower receiver, which was heavily re-designed to utilize the Ruger as the “upper receiver”, giving it the same ergonomics as an AR aswell as using standard AR15 fire control groups and magazine releases to give the user access to the massive selection of aftermarket parts. All the way from basic mil-spec parts to the absolute pinnacle of match trigger design.

On top of this, the chassis also features a removable back section, allowing the user to swap between different stock mounting options within minutes.

Despite the chassis being far more extensive and containing more functions, we also managed to make it 2.1oz (60g) lighter than our previous model. However since you replace more original parts than before, the weight gains are even greater than that in the end.

The chassis uses the following standard AR15 parts:



Magazine release

Pistol grip


Available in 3 versions:

Empty chassis, no internal parts: This version is just the chassis and the hardware needed to install it, it does not come with any internal parts such as fire control group, magazine release, detents etc. It is the perfect choice if you know exactly what you want and wish to put together the perfect chassis yourself.

– Complete with mil-spec mag release and fire control group: On top of just the chassis and installation hardware, this also includes all of the internal parts needed such as the fire control group, magazine release, safety, detents and springs etc. This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to think about all the small pieces needed, you just want a complete kit. However you don’t feel the need for anything fancy, and dont mind the feel and functionality of standard mil-spec parts. Does not include external parts such as pistol grip and buffertube/stock.

– Complete with mil-spec mag release and adjustable match trigger: Just like the previous version, this includes all the internal parts needed to complete the chassis, however we have swapped out the standard mil-spec trigger for a carefully selected, crisp and adjustable, match trigger. This is the perfect choice if you don’t feel like putting together the internals yourself but instead want a complete kit, however you don’t settle for simple mil-spec parts and want something a little more exclusive that will perform flawlessly. Does not include external parts such as pistol grip and buffertube/stock.


Weight: 13,8oz (390g)

Finish: Black

Material: 6061-T6

Notice: Will use any AR15 stock, including thumbhole versions like the Hera CQR.

Notice: The chassis has tested flawless with Mil-spec trigger groups aswell as a range of aftermarket models, however due to the large amount of variations we can not guarantee that all trigger groups will fit without modifications.

Notice: None of the versions comes with pistol grips or buffer tubes/stocks, you will need to add these parts for a complete chassis.

Notice: The manual bolt hold open originally situated in front of the trigger is no longer present on this chassis. Last round hold open however is still operational, and can be manually operated if desired.

More information can be found here:

What do you think about the new Infitech ARL chassis?