POTD: Brazilian & Ecuadorian Marines in Itaoca, Brazil By: Eric B


Photo Of The Day and we have probably the first images (on TFB) of Brazilian & Ecuadorian Marines. Above you see a Brazilian Marine providing security during an amphibious landing. This happened during an exercise called UNITAS LXIII in Itaoca, Brazil.

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UNITAS is Latin for Unity, and it’s the longest-running multinational maritime exercise in the world.  UNITAS was conceived in 1959, with the first UNITAS (UNITAS I) taking place in 1960. UNITAS has occurred every year since then.

Below: Ecuadorian Marines establish a line of fire during the exercise UNITAS LXIII.

Below: Landing Craft, Utility 1663, assigned to the USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19), prepares to disembark its passengers.

A U.S. Marine provides security during an amphibious landing as part of exercise UNITAS LXIII in Itaoca, Brazil, Sept. 16, 2022. UNITAS is the world’s longest-running annual multinational maritime exercise that focuses on enhancing interoperability among multiple nations and joint forces during littoral and amphibious operations in order to build on existing regional partnerships and create new enduring relationships that promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the U.S. Southern Command’s area of responsibility.

Pictures by U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Trystan Taft. U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South.