Parkwest Arms A-1: Exceeding Expectations By: Kat Ainsworth


There’s nothing like a well-made bolt-action rifle, and Parkwest Arms takes it a step further with their A-1. The gun maker designed the A-1 for both superior performance and exquisite detail, and all appearances point to them having accomplished that, and more. And of course, the company’s A-1 rifle is chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, so it can be used for any game in North America.

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Parkwest Arms A-1 bolt-action rifle stock
The Parkwest Arms A-1 bolt-action rifle is built on the gun maker’s SD 76 Dark Continent takedown platform. (Photo credit: Parkwest Arms)

Parkwest Arms provides details of the A-1:

Operating out of the former Dakota Arms workshop…Parkwest Arms is proud to keep the tradition and quality alive that has been so loved and celebrated by millions for decades. Their newest A-1 has exceeded the expectations of even the most discerning gun owners. The dictionary defines A-1 as “equipped to the highest standard, especially as certified by a classification society; first-class.” That is exactly what was achieved inside the walls of Parkwest Arms of Sturgis, South Dakota.

The rifle is built to Parkwest’s highest standards and is built on their SD-76 Dark Continent takedown platform. This one-of-a-kind firearm features the unbelievable hand engraving work by Jesse Kaufman of Black Hills Gunstocks & Engraving and includes 24 karat gold and platinum inlays. This Dark Continent takedown is chambered in 300 Winchester magnum. The rifle features Parkwest’s High polished bluing, and case hardening finishes. The stock is Bastogne wood shaped and hand checkered by their talented wood shop craftsmen.

This rifle is one of the truest examples of the kind of masterpiece that Parkwest Arms and its employees can create. Parkwest Arms is pleased to offer the A-1 along with their handcrafted custom rifles that feature a wide range of options to fit every hunter or shooter. Each gun will be one every generation will cherish, while exceeding all standards for any bolt action or tactical rifle.

SD 76 Dark Continent
Although the A-1 is built on the SD 76 Dark Continent platform, it has details and colors not offered on the SD 76, such as case hardening and gold accents. (Photo credit: Parkwest Arms)


  • SD 76 Dark Continent platform
  • 300 Win Mag chambering
  • Color case hardened features
  • XXX Grade English walnut stock
  • Hand engraving work by Jesse Kaufman of Black Hills Gunstocks & Engraving
  • 24 karat gold and platinum inlays
  • High polished bluing
  • Case hardened finish
  • Bastogne wood shaped stock
  • Ships with what appear to be Talley base rings and screw lock rings
The A-1 includes color case hardened features.
The A-1 includes color case hardened features. (Photo credit: Parkwest Arms)

Although this is a beautifully crafted rifle, it’s meant to be used. The company created it to withstand use and the passage of time, all in one carefully designed platform. From its 300 Win Mag chambering to its gold and platinum features, the A-1 appears to be everything a bolt-action rifle can and should be.

Talley Base and screw long rings from SD76 platform
The A-1 ships with what appear to be the Talley base and screw long rings from the SD 76 platform, only with customization. (Photo credit: Parkwest Arms)

MSRP is not known at this time.

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