Watch: Runaway seal tries to evade Mass. police By:


By Ashley Silver

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BEVERLY, Mass. — A lost seal in Massachusetts knew just who to call when the going got rough – wiggling to none other than the local police department.

According to Up Worthy News, ‘Shoebert’ has become a fan favorite around Beverly, Mass., evading capture on more than one occasion. The seal was originally found in a nearby pond, where rescuers tried to goad him into extraction to transition him back to the ocean. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Beverly Fire Department searched until nightfall Thursday of last week to lure Shoebert out of the local pond to no avail.

Shoebert resurfaced recently outside the Beverly Police Department, flopping in the opposite direction when police began to walk toward him in their parking lot. Officers called for backup, and with help from the fire department, animal control and NOAA, they were able to safely return the seal to his home.

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