Nexbelt EDC Gun Belt Review Armed and Feminine By: Patti Miller


Carrying concealed is all about having the right equipment. Whether it is having the correct-fitting holster or the right EDC belt to hold it all together, comfort and usability are key. A lot of people, especially women, can struggle to find the right fit with a belt. Enter Kelly with Armed and Feminine and her review of the Nexbelt system.

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Kelly with Nexbelt EDC belt
Kelly with Armed and Feminine reviews her latest EDC belt, the Nexbelt. She likes the Nexbelt because of its cut-to-size length and ratcheting system that gives the belt a snug and custom fit.

Initially, Kelly hadn’t heard of or used a Nexbelt before, but her friend introduced her to it. Kelly said that she has nearly as many belts as she has holsters. Her biggest gripe about traditional belts is the spacing of the holes—usually an inch or two apart—so it’s hard for her to get a tight fit when she is carrying. Additionally, she has pants with different rise heights so one belt usually won’t work with all her pant options.

Traditional belts have set holes about an inch apart and can be troublesome to get the holster to fit right, especially with different pant choices and rise options. That’s where the Nexbelt really shines, according to Kelly. The belt has a built-in ratchet system, so the belt doesn’t rely on holes for fit. At the time of the video, she had worn her Nexbelt for about a month and loves it.

Nexbelt EDC belt ratchet and measurements
The Nexbelt has measurements on the back of the belt that the user can use to cut their belt to their size, allowing for a custom fit. (Photo courtesy of Nexbelt)

Nexbelt Features

  • Interchangeable buckles
  • One belt fits up to a 50” waist
  • The belt can be cut down for perfect fit
  • Internal ratchet system for a tight fit

The Nexbelt has measurements on the back of the belt that allow the user to cut it to their custom size. Kelly recommends adding an inch or so to your waist size (Nexbelt recommends starting with an additional 3-4”) and cutting off the excess belt length. Then you attach the buckle and feed the ratchet through. Kelly shows how easy it is to assemble and wear.

Cutting down Nexbelt strap
Kelly demonstrates how easy it is to cut the belt down to her size and attach the buckle. She says that you can interchange buckles if you so choose.

Kelly says that the ratchet system easily pulls the firearm in towards her body while still being comfortable. She also demonstrates the belt on what would be the different rises of pants that she owns (high, mid, and low rise).

The one word of caution she has about the belt is to get comfortable with how to release the buckle. The buckle features a quick release button to undo the belt but said that it can be tricky for first-time wearers to master right away, or in the case of an emergent bathroom situation. She also goes on to say that it could also be a good deterrent from attacks because of the release.

Ratcheting system on EDC belt
Kelly really likes the ratcheting system on the belt. It allows her to pull the belt in tight, and pulling her gun tight against her body, with a simple pull on the belt end.

Kelly demonstrates a leather Nexbelt in this video, but Nexbelt also has nylon belts if that is more of your style, all of which have a rigid no-roll design and construction. So, if you are in need of a new EDC belt, check out Nexbelt with its ratchet system.