Henry Lever Action Axe 410 Review By: Caleb Giddings


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You ever look at a gun and go “what the hell is that thing for?” I sure did the first time I saw the Henry Lever Action Axe 410. But since I was already testing a Mossberg Shockwave in 410, I thought I should get a Henry Axe and see what it’s all about.

Henry Lever Action Axe Bottom Line Up Front

It turns out it’s about nothing, which means it can be about anything you want. Or, to put it another way, it’s about big damn fun. I already like 410 bore shotguns, as we’ve established. I especially like them in these little “not an AOW packages.” They’re fun to shoot while retaining real world practicality. Even the Henry Lever Action Axe can be used for all the same things you’d use a Shockwave for. However, with the Axe you’ll look and feel cooler.

The Henry Lever Action Axe is great fun

Henry Lever Action Axe Features

Alright, now that you know what this gun is all about, let’s get down to business. It’s a 410 bore shotgun with a 2.5-inch chamber and a five-round magazine. The 2.5-inch chamber might be a limiting factor to some. However, there’s a huge selection of 2.5-inch shells out there for 410 shotguns. The five-round magazine is loaded either through the side gate, or by pulling the plug out of the magazine and dropping the rounds in like you would on a Henry rifle.

The model provided for review has the steel receiver instead of brass. There is a brass receiver model available if you like shiny things. Additionally, there’s a full-size lever action shotgun version of this available. I imagine that would be a very handy general-purpose gun.

The sights are simple: brass bead up front. The receiver is drilled and tapped, so conceivably you could add an optic. Also, the 15.14-inch barrel is threaded for chokes. This gun came from the factory with a full choke. The benefit to a gun that’s threaded for chokes is you can control your pattern size for specific activities, whether it’s hunting, pest eradication, or mag dumping into old fruit.

But What is it For?

Like I said up top, the Henry Lever Action Axe is for fun. This is an entirely modern gun, it’s not a replica of specific historical gun. That makes it even more fun because it be whatever you want. Does it remind you of Firefly? Great. Maybe the Henry Axe reminds you of Steve McQueen’s Mare’s Leg in Wanted Dead or Alive. That’s awesome too. Or perhaps you think of the shotgun from Terminator 2. It doesn’t matter, because this gun is fun.

However, with that in mind, it could be a very practical gun. You could, for example, use it for anything you’d use a Mossberg Shockwave for. Also, because of the full choke, it throws buckshot in a tighter pattern than the Shockwave. So it might actually be a better home defense choice. Personally, I think it would be a fantastic saddle/seat gun for an ATV/UTV for blasting small game and varmints. 

The Henry axe shot a great pattern with PDX1 Defender

Henry Lever Action Axe Price and Availability

Honestly, this is the only downfall of the Henry Lever Action Axe. It is a bit pricey. Most of the ones on Gunbroker are going for around $1,000. That might seem like a steep price for a fun range toy to you, and that’s fair if it does. However, like all Henry products, it’s extremely well made. That means you could buy one, use it for fun, then eventually pass it off to a child. It would make an excellent family heirloom.

Or, just buy one because it’s cool. I know that’s what I’m going to do with this one.

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