Grey Man Tactical —Solution to Archery Storage Problem By: Patti Miller


Bowhunters understand the struggle of storing their bows and gear during transport. Grey Man Tactical has an archery hunter’s dream solution with the #204 Vehicle Bow Rack. Ditch the heavy and bulky bow case when traveling to the next hunt and secure the bow to the Rigid Molle Panel (RMP) bow rack from Grey Man Tactical. Save precious cargo space when mounting the bow to the RMP which allows for easy access.

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#204 RMP Package in hand
Grey Man Tactical gives archery hunters the ultimate solution for bow storage and transportation in its #204 Vehicle Bow Package. The set-up attaches to the seat back in any vehicle to easily transport gear. Additionally, according to Grey Man Tactical, the bow can be stored either right side up or upside down.

The #204 package was created for bow hunters who wanted a better way to store and transport their bows. Attaching to the seat back with buckle loop-around straps and d-rings, the RMP is quick and easy to install. The Enlarged QuickFist clamps securely hold the bow in place during transportation without damaging the sight. A large utility pouch comes in handy for extra storage and a double mag pouch works great for holding extra magazines for your defense pistol or small tools. Like other items from the RMP series, the panel is universal MOLLE compatible, weather resistant, and has non-corrosion construction.

Grey Man Tactical 204 RMP on seat back
Compatible with any seat back 15.25”x25” or larger, the Rigid Molle Panel (RMP) of the #204 package lays a solid base for secure bow storage and pouches without the need for bulky containers. The large RMP allows for the addition of extra pouches to the panel if needed.

The #204 Vehicle Bow Rack – 15.25 X 25 RMP Package contents include:

  • 15.25 X 25 RMP
  • Buckle Loop-Around + D-Ring Strap RMP Strap Black [Headrest]
  • Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap Black [Seat Bottom]
  • Two Enlarged Clamps [bow]
  • Double Mag Pouch [pistol]
  • Large Utility Pouch
Grey Man Tactical 204 RMP in action
Constructed of injection molded glass-filled nylon with rubber, aluminum, and nylon accessories, the #204 Vehicle Bow Package from Grey Man Tactical can be easily configured to meet the user’s needs.

According to Grey Man Tactical, the bow can be seen upside down in videos and images. This is to keep the weight of the bow at the bottom of the RMP The bow can be stored either way. The Grey Man Tactical #204 Vehicle Bow Rack RMP Package currently is only available in black and has an MSRP of $269.99.

Grey Man Tactical #204 on seat back
The #204 Package comes with one Rigid Molle Panel, Buckle loop-around straps and d-rings for securing it to the seat, clamps for the bows, double mag pouches and a large utility pouch, giving plenty of storage while keeping things organized. Seems like Grey Man Tactical really thought this package through.


The #204 Bow Vehicle RMP Package is compatible with any vehicle seat with seat back dimensions equal to or greater than 15.25″ wide X 25″ tall.


  • Width: 15.25″ 76.2mm
  • Weight: 65.48 ounces