Video: Ranting barefoot man holding baby tries to steal patrol car By:


By Amanda Spence

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DETROIT — A woman caught a man on video ranting at police while barefoot as he walked down a neighborhood street yelling with a baby in tow.

“I was afraid for the baby,” neighbor Maria Mariweather told Fox 2. The incident occurred earlier this week as Mariweather was working at home. “I heard chaos outside, so I went to go see, and I saw him running down the street with the baby. The police were coming behind him and he was yelling.”

The man eventually put the baby down on the ground as police got closer. However, the suspect then ran with the baby toward the officers’ patrol car, put the baby inside and got in.

“He threw the baby into the police car and tried to take off. As they were trying to get him out, he started swinging on the police and trying to fight them,” Mariweather continued.

The man ran on foot and an officer tased him. Another officer took care of the baby during the incident.

“They tased him and he said it didn’t hurt,” Mariweather said. “And he kept running.”

Other officers arrived on scene and police were able to apprehend the suspect. No other details were immediately available about who the baby belonged to. The incident remains under investigation.