Video: Officers dive into pond to save suspect who nearly drowned while fleeing By:


By Ashley Silver

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NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Two New York police officers ended their night with a daring water rescue after a gun investigation led to a man nearly drowning to elude officers.

Hudson Valley Post reported Newburgh police and New York State police were partnering for a Precisions Policing Initiative to curb gun violence and illegal gun possession when conducting a traffic stop. As officers approached the car, one of the occupants darted from the vehicle and jumped into a pond at a nearby park.

“The male occupant then swam out about 60 feet from shore and began struggling to stay above water. The male shouted to (the) police that he was drowning and disappeared under the water for several seconds. Upon resurfacing, the male was seen spitting out water and gasping for air,” the Newburgh Police Department stated in a press release.

Witnessing the suspect in distress, two Newburgh officers immediately dove into the pond, swimming 40 feet to reach the suspect. The officers were able to pull the man to safety using a rope and flotation device.

The pond was drained after the rescue. A loaded firearm was recovered at that time, according to police. Charges against the suspects are currently pending.