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ZEV Technologies made a big announcement today, further cementing the company’s growing legacy as a manufacturer of cable combat arms. The U.S. Department of Energy OST (office of Secure Transportation) recently selected the ZEV OZ9 Combat X as its duty pistol.

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ZEV OZ9 Combat X Selected

The selection follows a rigorous testing and evaluation process, according to ZEV Technologies. The platform’s modularity, ergonomics, reliability and optic-ready design contributed to the selection.

“The ZEV 0Z-9 handgun not only scored the highest overall technical score among six (6) 9mm gun manufacturers, but the ZEV 0Z-9 handgun received the highest individual testing criteria scores in regards to weight, damage resistance, low light operations, pointability, ergonomics, malfunctions, recoil management, and overall impression,” read the sole source contract aware notice.

“The Combat series of OZ9 pistols were developed specifically to meet the needs of the armed professional and defensive-minded citizen” said Nick Ghilardi, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at ZEV Technologies.  “It is not an exaggeration to say OST has one of the most important jobs in the world.  As such, ZEV Technologies is both proud and honored to supply them with the best tools available to ensure mission success.”

The ZEV OZ9 Combat X pistol continues the company's line of well-built 9mm semi-autos.

The Department of Energy’s OST comprises a premier federal law enforcement agency. It maintains responsibility for the safe and secure transport of government-owed special nuclear materials in the contiguous U.S. The classified shipments contain nuclear weapons or components, enriched uranium or plutonium. The agency transports cargo in highly modified secure tractor-trailers. Federal agents in follow vehicles escort and provide security and response in the event of emergencies.

Editor’s Note:

We gushed all over the OZ9 when ZEV first began producing complete pistols back in 2019. It marked a seminal moment for the continued progression of the company. ZEV first made its name building drop-in triggers. It became a hot spot for Glock aftermarket components and upgrades. Over the years it expanded into really fantastic SIG builds as well.

It seems everything ZEV does makes sense on so many levels. The company does a wonderful job staying in tune with what shooters–from elite competitors to CCW to duty–want in a striker-fired pistol. Elite operators have been using ZEV components to complete their mission-specific builds for years. Now it seems agencies are getting onboard, and this likely won’t be the last contract secured by ZEV.

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