Gov. Hochul: New York Gun Owners are Guilty Until Proven Innocent By: Joshua Swanagon


You have to hand it to the gun control crowd, they are devious. Constitution be damned, they refuse to accept the will of the people and the high court. According to a leaked document obtained by Project Veritas, New York plans to treat law-abiding gun owners as criminals. Specifically, the document makes it clear that you are presumed guilty until proven innocent while carrying a firearm.

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New Low for New York: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Following the recent Supreme Court New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen decision, Anti-Gun New York got creative. If they can’t prevent you from getting a license, they can prevent you from carrying anywhere via “sensitive” locations. Basically, they just made most of New York a “gun-free zone” and called it good.

Not to mention, background checks have become even more restrictive by requiring access to social media accounts. And if they deem you undesirable, they can refuse your application. But the bullying doesn’t stop here.

A recently leaked document, uncovered by Project Veritas, shows what can only be described as communist tactics from the Governor.

Of specific interest is a line in the Key Points that reads, “Anyone carrying a firearm is presumed to be carrying unlawfully until proven otherwise.”

This not only flies in the face of the Constitution and Second Amendment, it completely undermines the criminal justice system. In our current legal system, we have the presumption of innocence, and the burden of proof is on the state to prove otherwise.

This is working perfectly fine for criminals but not so much for law-abiding gun owners. It seems that New York is taking the Supreme Court decision bitterly and lashing out at citizens who are breaking no laws. No country can survive a vindictive government, nor can any state.

In addition, remember how much Democrats hated “Stop and Frisk”? Well, it looks like they like it again. The document goes on to say:

“Officers may stop an individual when the officer has reasonable suspicion that such individual is carrying a firearm and may frisk that individual…”

Project Veritas Releases document showing lawful gun owners in New York are guilty until proven innocent.
(Photo by Project Veritas)

New Laws May Not Stand

The document further clarifies Hochul’s disdain for the Supreme Court of the United States by clarifying her position:

“The Supreme Court decision does not change the way the Department conducts investigative encounters. People who are carrying firearms in New York State are presumed to be doing so unlawfully, until proven otherwise.” [Emphasis in original]

Even though Governor Hochul thinks she’s above the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States District Court of New York appears poised to remind her that she is not.

In a recently released statement, Chief United States District Judge Glenn Suddaby said, “While pursuing the laudable goal of public safety, and in an attempt to curb ever-increasing mass shootings, the New York State Legislature has generated an unconstitutional statute.”

It’s unclear why the court is letting it go on for this long. But it looks as though it will not continue for much longer.

According to the New York Post, “But the 78-page decision by Suddaby suggests that he will eventually rule against the new laws, with the conservative-dominated US Supreme Court potentially having a final say on the constitutionality of state gun laws.”

However, until the court overrules Governor Hochul’s unconstitutional edict, and maybe even after, she plans to bully law-abiding citizens. That really is what this comes down to. The Supreme Court took her pet gun control away, and she is going to torment the subjects in retaliation.

November can’t come fast enough. If you live in New York, this is your chance to make a historic change to uphold the rule of law. Vote these criminals, and criminal supporters, out of office. It’s time to restore law and order in your once beautiful state.

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