AWB Laws Taking Fire in Colorado By: Lars Smith

Photo Credit: Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It hasn’t even been 3 whole months since the Bruen ruling took the legs out from under most of the gun control objectives of organizations like MDA, the Brady Campaign, and Giffords. In that brief span, it seems like the gun-grabbing crowd continues to throw AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) and concealed carry bills that Bruen would seem to obviously preclude at the wall, hoping anything will stick. Why they want to get as many nails in their own coffin as quickly as possible is anyone’s guess, but you love to see it. NY and CA have garnered the most attention for their attempts to regulate shall-issue concealed carry into oblivion, generating an absurd circus of requirements, restrictions, and obligations on legal concealed carriers.

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Colorado seems to want to join the club, getting in line behind California and New York to eventually get slapped by SCOTUS for their blatantly unconstitutional laws. Two such bills recently passed on Boulder and Superior county have had Temporary Restraining Orders placed on them by judges in a flurry of lawsuits filed by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. The prognosis for these cases seems more and more to be in favor of liberty, especially for wildly onerous concealed carry regulation and of course the much vaunted AWB.

The anti-gun orgs seem to want to use Bruen to disarm it, claiming that what Clarence Thomas meant when he said that regulations on especially “dangerous” or “unusual” weapons, was AR-15s. You know, the most commonly purchased and owned longarm in the country? Somehow they are supposed to be unusual, if you listen to the gun-grabbers. While this interpretation could fall either way for state or federal judges, its impressively unlikely that SCOTUS would agree with any AWB, which effectively smothers these efforts in the cradle, no matter how long their zombie corpses wander the legal landscape.

Whether these recent middle fingers to Bruen die in lower courts, or make it to SCOTUS, it seems more and more likely that the anti-gun lobby is eagerly shifting into 6th gear as they speed toward a brick wall.