AR15 Rear vs Side Charging Handle By: AmSJ Staff

Do you shoot AR15 much? How about for those that have shot the standard M4, do you find having the charging handle at the rear cumbersome? Especially, when you get a malfunction while shooting rapidly during a competition or target practice.imageCompanies such as ADCOR, Dead Foot Arms or JP Enterprises offers a side charging handle on the upper. Which many are saying is a game changer or its just easier to work the charging handle when the malfunction happens. Don’t take our words for it, here’s a test that Youtuber U.S. Warfighters did.

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U.S. Warfighters conducted a side-by-side test, putting the standard rear-charging handle of an M4 against the ADCOR forward-charging handle. They evaluated the time and easiness of clearing a failure to fire exercise. In a 30-round magazine, every fifth round was a dummy round, and then a straight-up speed test, again 30 rounds.There were standard triggers in both rifles, using a standard Magpul 30-round magazine. Both rifles had an Aimpoint H-1 Micro sight on board. On the battlefield, in competition or in defense of your home and loved ones … which rifle would you rather have in a gun fight? You be the judge.

Comparison in SpeedM4 – 16.53 seconds to go through a 30 round mag with dummy rounds. (every 5th round)ADCOR – 14.08 seconds, which is a 2.5 seconds faster.

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