POTD: Bulletstorm II – Swedish Championship in IPSC PCC By: Eric B


Photo Of The Day and we have a bunch of action shots from Bulletstorm II, the first Swedish Championship in IPSC PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine). A two-day, twelve-stage, level three competition with over 200 competitors and 30 teams. All the team fees were donated to Ukraine. 

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The most common carbines (in no particular order) were SIG Sauer MPXs, Quarter Circle 10 QC-10 AR9s, Stribogs and Ruger PC Carbines. There must have been a colossal amount of Glock long stick magazines around. I suspect that the delay of the JP Rifles JP-5 is why there were fewer than ever JPs in use.

Below: Don’t underestimate the junior class. One of the juniors placed 3rd overall in the competition.

The Ruger PC Carbine.

Builds using QC10s and Iron City Rifle Works are quite popular.

The B&T APC9 with an Aimpoint ACRO, picture taken in the safety zone. Also note that legal terms like “SBR” and “Braces” don’t exist in the same way as in the USA, but there are other obstructions.

The Grand Power Stribog.

IPSC PCC is thriving, and Sweden and the Nordic area have some of the best shooters around.

I don’t see a rifle here, so most likely during the 3-minute rehearsal. BESK is the name of the shooting club that arranged the championship, partly using brand new shooting ranges.

Another QC10 in action.

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Do you shoot any PCC competitions at all?

All images by Christoffer Åström, used with permission.