Detroit Police Officer Shoots Partner After Missing Dog By: S.H. Blannelberry


A Detroit Police officer was wounded on Sunday after his partner accidentally shot him in the leg.

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The officer who pulled the trigger was attempting to shoot a dog.

“The dog charged at the officers, the officers fearing for their safety, one officer fired one round at the dog. The round didn’t strike the dog, it struck his partner in the lower right calf,” Police Commander Brian Harris told ABC 7 Detroit.

The wounded officer was listed in stable condition.

Meanwhile, the niece of the dog’s owner, a woman by the name of Tiara, is contesting the officers’ retelling of the incident.

Tiara contends the dog never posed a threat to the LEOs.

“We let the dog out to use the bathroom from the side door,” said Tiara. “The police were walking towards this door, the dog comes up, she’s protecting her area. So she just came out and she barked, she didn’t jump on them, she didn’t lunge and he was just going crazy with the gun.”

“I thought he was gonna shoot me because he was swinging the gun all over the place. I almost had a heart attack because she’s not aggressive, she doesn’t even have teeth, she’s old,” Tiara explained.

The dog’s owner was given two citations for “harboring a vicious animal in the city limits of Detroit,” per ABC 7 Detroit. The owner said she plans on fighting the citations in court.