Fermata Discovery cuts investigation time in half for law enforcement By:


NEW YORK – Fermata Discovery, a software development firm creating streamlined investigation tools, is assisting police through the use of its case intelligence software. With this easy-to-use software, law enforcement can access and review large volumes of information about persons of interest in seconds, cutting investigation time in half.

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Law enforcement needs are vast, but one of the most common issues is lack of personnel and time. This affects all aspects of police departments however, detectives and crime analysts feel this pressure most often. Usually, there are too many cases and not enough eyes on them. The other perpetual problem is investigation information overload, creating stress and frustration for the investigator. When investigators become overwhelmed and their cases become disorganized, it can often lead to burnout or worse — slow or no case results.

VIXN, (Visualize Insights Across Networks), is an end-to-end software platform that pulls data from multiple sources at once, instantly visualizes that data for easier analysis, and automatically generates detailed reports customized to your information-sharing needs. VIXN locates intel, leads, and additional persons of interest in police investigations.

“VIXN provides investigators and analysts the ability to collect, aggregate and visualize large amounts of data. These capabilities provide for rapid results and the identification of actionable intelligence.”

— Matthew Jack, Managing Director of Public Practice for Fermata Discovery.

Departments that already use VIXN are impressed with how fast results return, and how easy it is to acquire and map out evidence for even the most complex cases.

“The vision you guys have…you’re going to OWN THIS MARKET.”

— Chief Brian Peete, Montpelier Police, Montpelier, VT.

Other advantages of VIXN include fast-tracking cases and managing investigation assignments, creating searchable investigation databases, enriching established intel with additional data, and connecting persons of interest to other people, places, and things that are typically buried deep in layers of networks.

Fermata is currently conducting VIXN Pilots for law enforcement agencies and is seeking participants for three additional Pilot Programs this year. To learn more about the VIXN Pilot Program, please contact Matthew Jack, Managing Director of Public Practice, at Fermata Discovery is a female-founded software development firm focused on accelerating the investigation timeline through intelligence software and case management tools.

Our first product, VIXN, is an all-in-one tool for investigators. VIXN allows investigators and analysts to gather, review, and store data in a convenient and secure location. By implementing VIXN into a case, investigators have cut the amount of time they spend gathering intelligence on a case by up-to 50%.

VIXN excels at assisting missing persons, conspiracy, extortion, human trafficking, crime rings, and behavioral patterns. It is a great case management tool as well.

The Fermata Discovery team includes MIT-trained engineers, federal law enforcement agents, investigators, and private sector executives. Fermata provides investigators the tools to fight smarter not harder. Discover more at https://www.fermatadiscovery.com.