Las Vegas PD uses social workers to tackle repeat DUI offenses By:


By Ashley Silver

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LAS VEGASThe Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is taking a new approach to help prevent repeat DUI offenses.

As part of the voluntary program, officers and social workers visit the homes of individuals convicted of more than one DUI offense, according to 8 News Now. The officers and social workers then speak with individuals about personal struggles or factors that may be contributing to repeat offenses and offer the necessary support.

Mike Thiele, lead intervention officer for the LVMPD’s traffic division, helps run the program.

“We knew that arresting wasn’t going to get this problem solved,” he told 8 News Now. “We’re trying to reverse that recidivism.”

The department has connected with 40 people so far, with 70% agreeing to continue in the program.

“We have that person right there with us giving them the services out in the field,” Thiele added. “Versus just an officer saying here’s this information, hopefully, you follow up.”

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