The Underrated HK P2000 By: SLG


If any modern pistol has been marginalized, I think the P2000 qualifies. Introduced in the year 2001, it was adopted by CBP for the Border Patrol in 2006. When this occurred, I almost spit milk from my nose. Why would anyone ever want a 3.6″ barrelled compact (almost subcompact) sidearm as a duty weapon for uniform Border Agents? On top of that, they went with a .40 LEM version. If that’s not the silliest thing I ever heard…well, maybe not the silliest but you get the point.

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I handled and shot some of the CBP guns and was mostly indifferent to them. They had the equivalent of +P+ ammo running through them, and though they were perfectly shootable, it was not a great combination. Plus, I have never really liked the LEM trigger, though again, it works.

Fast forward to 2022, and I picked up a DA/SA P2000 in 9mm. I have always liked the USP and P30, and being a DA nut, I figured I should take a look at the P2000 again. It had a medium back strap on it, which I assumed I would change out for the small. Not a chance. This gun may fit my hand better than anything else I have ever shot. That may sound weird, but the grip of the P2000, with the medium backstrap, allows me to smash on the DA trigger, strong hand or weak hand, and not disturb the sights. With most guns, when I shoot weak hand, and even strong hand to a degree, I have to finesse the trigger a bit, if I want to hit precisely. Not so with the P2000. It just fits me perfectly.

I will go into more detail on the gun at some point in the future but suffice to say that in addition to being incredibly shootable at speed, it is a very accurate gun, even with that short sight radius. I was shooting some Federal 124g Punch ammo, courtesy of Gunmagwarehouse. Also from Gunmagwarehouse, some 13-round magazines arrived with the ammo. The gun shipped with 10-round mags, so the full-capacity mags were very welcome.

25 yards offhand. 2″ group center to center is about the best I can shoot with any gun. 6’Oclock hold on the red center.
100 yards offhand, holding at the chest/head junction. Looks like my sights might need tweaking, but not until I shoot it some more. The low center shot was my last shot, and I anticipated it pretty badly. The top right group was 6″ until that mistake.