Illegal Machineguns Soon Illegal-er! By: Lars Smith

illegal machinegun glock
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Remember when Amazon sold NFA items (illegal machineguns/parts) with Prime shipping? Pepperidge Farms can go to hell, but we remember. That was 2017, but kept selling them after Amazon stopped, and just two years later, we remember this. Hell, if you go to the BATFE website, they certainly remember, and cite an example as far back as 2003!

Some have suggested that the ATF either setup, or allowed this to continue happening in order to generate A Problem for them to solve. We don’t know if that’s the case, and there doesn’t seem to be any direct evidence supporting it, but it does seem like they might have done something about the importation of illegal machineguns in the intervening 19 years besides occasionally bust someone.

Cut to today: Reports of converted Glocks being seized by police are stacking up, and predictably various anti-rights legislatures are champing at the bit to “Do Something”. Naturally, they want to do the only thing they seem to know how to do: Prohibition. Somehow the threat of a federal firearms felony isn’t stopping people from importing, or more commonly nowadays, 3D printing auto sears and switches, so surely a state law will scare them into compliance, right?


[Oh and one was just used in Memphis, so that’s fun]