Galco KingTuk Classic IWB Holster Now Accepts Sig Sauer P365 Series By: Personal Defense World


Featuring a high capacity, great ergonomics, and excellent concealability, it’s not surprising the micro-compact Sig Sauer P365 is so popular. This is not lost on Galco, who added the pistol to its KingTuk Classic IWB holster. As a result, is comfortable concealed carry, a fast draw, and an enjoyable overall shooting experience.

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Galco KingTuk Classic IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P365 Series

Constructed of premium steerhide, the single-layer back plate with raised sweat guard rides comfortably against the body. This provides a comfortable and protective layer between the gun and the wearer. Likewise, the back plate quickly conforms to the wearer’s hip, providing an extra level of comfort during daily carry.

Attached to the leather back plate is a rigid Kydex holster molded specifically to your pistol for secure retention. The holster pocket features a forward cant and facilitates a full firing grip. So, you can achieve a natural draw without impedance every time. The Kydex holster pocket also includes a low-cut front to facilitate attached optics on your P365.

The KingTuk IWB (inside the waistband) includes Galco’s patent-pending polymer UniClip and Ultimate Stealth clip designs. As a result, they provide excellent concealment, stability, and easy on-off capability. Pre-drilled holes in the leather back plate allow the user to move the clips up or down, enabling them to set the carry height and angle to their specific preferences.

Other accessories for the KingTuk series, like optional metal belt clips and tuckable belt loops, also work with the Classic.

Editor’s Note:

Although the KingTuk Classic IWB fits a list of P365 models, it does not currently support the new P365 X-Macro Comp. I reached out to Galco and asked if it would support it at any time in the near future, and they do not know at this time. He stated that it will require market demand and factory support from Sig Sauer. But hopefully, they will add it soon for full coverage of the P365 lineup.


The Galco KingTuk Classic IWB Holster is available now with an MSRP of $79.00. For more info, please visit

Galco KingTuk Classic IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P365 Series.

Galco KingTuk Classic IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P365 Features

  • Hybrid Kydex/premium steerhide construction
  • Tuckable design
  • Raised sweat guard to protect pistol and wearer
  • Kydex pocket for easy holstering
  • UniClip fits belt up to 1 3/4″
  • Ultimate Stealth clip fits belts of unlimited width
  • Patent pending
  • MSRP: $79.00

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