POTD: Swedish Ak5 in Tactical Recovery By: Eric B


Photo Of The Day – Today we get a closer look at some tricked-out Swedish Ak5 rifles.Ak” stands for Automatkarbin in Swedish, which translates to an automatic carbine. This is the current standard-issue rifle for the Swedish military.

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Ak5 was developed in the 80s from the FN FNC. Between 2004 and 2009, the Ak5 received several upgrades like a shorter barrel, adjustable stock, Picatinny rail and Aimpoint red dot sight. As you can see in some of these images, some also have a vertical front grip, red dot magnifier, and laser designators.

Here’s the caption from the U.S. Marines’ Twitter account:

#Marines assigned to the @22nd_MEU and Swedish soldiers post security during a Tactical Recovery of Aircraft Personnel training mission near Kristianstad, Sweden, Aug. 26. The #22ndMEU is on a scheduled deployment under the command and control of @taskforce61_2

Below: Note the dog. These Ak5s have pretty different configurations, as well as paint schemes.

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Here’s more information and pictures about the Ak5 C and D versions (in Swedish only): Automatkarbin 5 C/D.

Source: The official Twitter account of the United States Marine Corps