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European American Armory just announced the release of another update to its Girsan-built takes on the classic FN Hi-Power design. The EAA MC P35 Match and MC P35 OPS deliver two full-featured Browning pattern pistols. Whether for competition, duty or defense, the new builds deliver tremendous value in a double-stack 9mm platform.

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EAA MC P35 Match, MC P35 OPS Details

“Girsan took an already phenomenal firearm and created two new models that not only raised the bar but set the standard for what other pistols in this class can do,” said Keith Bernkrant, CEO of EAA Corp. “You will only need to shoot either one of these handguns once to understand the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing each piece.”

The second generation of the MC P35 starts with the Match variant. The all-steel, short-recoil operated 9mm features an extended beavertail for better purchase. A fiber-optic front sight get pairs with a windage/elevation-adjustable rear sight. G10 grips, a beveled magwell and a clean trigger, according to EAA, top off a competition-ready, affordable range gun.

The OPS variant comprises the basic MC P35 Match package. It ads a section of Picatinny rail on the dustcover, enabling the attachment of lights, lasers or other accessories.

The Match and OSP models retail for $699. For even more info, please visit eeacorp.com.

EAA MC P35 Match, OPS Features

  • 9mm Full-Size Pistols
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • All-Steel Construction
  • Extended Beavertail
  • Beveled Magwell
  • Straight Clean Break Trigger
  • MSRP: $699

Florida based company, European American Amory Corporation, the world’s leading importer of European firearms has made it their mission to bring the U.S. consumer firearms that are on the leading edge of technology. The two newest iterations of the second generation MCP35 take accuracy and user experience to the next level.

Designed and engineered with a serious respect for the original John Browning pistol design, EAA’s MCP35 Match and MCP35 OPS by Girsan pay homage to one of the most widely used military handguns in the world. The all-steel construction, short recoil operated MCP35 Match & MCP35 OPS offer a wealth of features for both the average shooter and competitive shooter including an extended beavertail, fiber optic front sight, G10 grips, straight clean-break trigger, beveled magwell & windage/elevation adjustable rear sight. The MCP35 OPS has an integrated accessory rail for attaching your favorite light or laser.

Editor’s Take

We all thought the Hi-Power was dead. But then FN brought it back, along with Springfield Armory and EAA via Girsan. The EAA variants offer serious value, where other makers hit price points a little bit higher. That said, we’ve been impressed with the Girsan-built guns we’ve gotten our hands on throughout the industry. There’s still a pretty solid accessory and parts market out there, meaning you can always upgrade components and parts on these EAA guns. So we think you can feel pretty solid about getting a good gun, and that there remains sufficient aftermarket available to fix/improve/upgrade your build.

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