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Recently Taurus released its new GX4XL with updates that shooters will love, like an extended barrel and slide assembly. As a result, comes the same great concealed carry comfort of the GX4, with an extended sight radius. However, the trigger guard of the Taurus GX4XL remains a perfect fit for the Viridian E-Series laser for additional accuracy.

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The Viridian E-Series for Taurus GX4XL

The E-Series family of laser sights is constructed of high-strength thermo molded polymer. As a result, the laser can handle the toughest conditions. Easily installed, the E-Series attaches directly to the trigger guard and doesn’t add undo bulk to your concealed carry. Correspondingly, each E-Series includes the necessary tool to install the laser on your GX4XL yourself.

Available in either green or red laser, the E-Series runs on CR2032 batteries, providing 60 minutes of constant-on operation. Likewise, an auto-off feature turns the laser off after five minutes to preserve battery life. Ambidextrous user-controlled buttons provide the shooter full control of the laser. However, Viridian’s INSTANT-ON activation provides worry-free automatic operation if desired.

Boasting the best visibility by the human eye, the green laser has a range of 100 yards in daylight and 2 miles at night. Similarly, the red laser has a range of 25 yards in daylight and 1 mile at night. Both options are adjustable for windage and elevation for easy user configuration.

Each sight comes with Viridian’s seven-year warranty, so you can carry confidently.

“The E SERIES line is one of Viridian’s top sellers, and I am happy to announce new expansion with long term partners like Taurus,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “The Taurus GX4XL is an improvement to an already great pistol. I’m extremely excited that we can offer our laser sights for their expanding line of industry-leading firearms.”


The Viridian E-Series for Taurus GX4XL is available now with an MSRP of $132.00 for red laser and $149.00 for green laser. For more info, please visit

The Viridian E-Series for Taurus GX4XL.

Viridian E-Series for Taurus GX4XL Specs

Viridian Accessory: E Series
LED Light Color: Red or Green
Weapon Brand: Taurus
Activation: On/Off Only
Adjustable: Windage/Elevation
Batt. Life (constant): 1 Hour
Color: Black
Holster Included: No
Material: High Strength Thermo Molded Polymer
Laser: Color Red or Green
Mounting: Trigger Guard
Range Green Laser: Up to 100 yards daylight / 2 miles night
Range Red Laser: Up to 25 yards daylight / 1 miles night
Strobing Effect: No
MSRP: $132.00 (red), $149.00 (green)

Viridian Laser Sight Details

  • Easy installation onto the trigger guard of your pistol
  • Ambidextrous on/off button with 5 min auto shut off
  • Up to 100 yard range in daylight and 2 miles at night (Green Laser)
  • Up to 25 yard range in daylight and 1 miles at night (Red Laser)
  • Constant laser with 60 min battery life
  • Easy windage and elevation adjustment

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