Rock Island Armory STK100 Approved by IPSC and USPSA Divisions By: Luke C.


USPSA and IPSC are both very fun and engaging shooting sports that have a long laundry list of rules, regulations, and approved equipment. Part of this approved equipment also includes very strict criteria for each division that separates competitors to provide a more even playing field. Rock Island Armory’s first offering in the polymer-framed striker-fired pistol market -the STK100 – has just received approval for the Production and Carry Optics divisions for both the IPSC and USPSA shooting organizations giving competitors access to yet another firearm. The Rock Island Armory STK100 was announced last year in June and is the first of its kind from RIA USA.

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Rock Island Armory STK100 Approved by IPSC and USPSA Divisions

With a grip angle similar to that of a 1911, the STK100 has become the striker-fired choice for 1911 fans. While priced similar to a polymer pistol, the STK100 has an aluminum frame for less flex and added weight for quick, easy target acquisition.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” said Martin Tuason, President and CEO of Armscor. “Putting the STK100 into the hands of competitive shooters will accelerate the life of this model and give us valuable feedback to allow us to continue to enhance its durability and reliability. Plus, it allows serious shooters a chance to compete with a quality firearm at a reasonable cost.”

Team Armscor Shooter John McClain will be appearing with the STK100 at the upcoming USPSA Carry Optics Nationals September 9-11 in Talladega, Alabama.

Rock Island Armory STK100 Approved by IPSC and USPSA Divisions

The STK100 Is a 9mm semi-automatic striker-fired handgun that weighs in at 1.8 pounds and is compatible with a lot of aftermarket Glock pistol parts. In all reality, the pistol is very similar to a Glock in almost all respects save for the magazine release. This allows users to gain access to lots of aftermarket parts specifically designed around competition shooting, and also allows them to choose whether or not to mount an optic so they can swap between both the Production and Carry Optics divisions. The STK100 is usually available for around $650 and has been favored by many for combining the grip angle of a 1911 pistol with the magazine compatibility and the ease of customization that Glock pistols are known for. For more information on USPSA or IPSC division rules, you can visit their respective links. For more information on the Rock Island Armory STK100, you can visit this link here.

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