New ZEISS LRP S3 First Focal Plane Riflescopes By: Eric B


Zeiss Optics has a new family of first focal plane riflescopes for long-range precision shooting and hunting called the ZEISS LRP S3. The family consists of two models, so far – the ZEISS LRP S3 425-50 and 636-56. There’s a lot of elevation travel for those who like to click. The 425-50 model offers up to 160 MOA or 46.5 MRAD. The 636-56 offers 110 MOA or 32 MRAD. As you noticed, both models are available in either milliradian (MRAD) or minute-of-angle (MOA) configurations, depending on your preference.

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New ZEISS LRP S3 First Focal Plane Riflescopes

In terms of price, we can get an idea from the German website, which states that the ZEISS LRP S3 will be available in April 2023. The RRP is €2400 for the LRP S3 425-50 and €2700 for the LRP S3 636-56 (incl. German VAT).

The illumination can be set to red or green, in five intensity levels.

Here is Zeiss´new product announcement in full:

ZEISS LRP S3 – New First Focal Plane Riflescopes for Long-Range Precision Shooting and Hunting

White Plains, NY, USA / Oberkochen, Germany

ZEISS announces the release of its all-new first focal plane riflescope – the ZEISS LRP S3. The new riflescope for long-range precision shooting and hunting includes impressive total elevation travel, advanced optics, daytime visible illuminated reticle, ballistic stop, and an external locking windage turret. The product family consist of two models: ZEISS LRP S3 425-50 and 636-56. Both are available in either milliradian (MRAD) or minute-of-angle (MOA) configurations. “With the LRP S3 we have expanded our successful long-range precision scope portfolio to provide more options for highly reliable and precise optics that are ready for competition,” stated Kyle Brown, Director of Marketing and Products for ZEISS Consumer Products USA.

Impressive total elevation travel – for precise bullet placement on the most distant targets

“In long-range rifle competitions, shooters will experience challenging conditions like switching winds, poor and harsh lightning or the stress of time”, explained Brown, who is an experienced long-range precision shooter himself. “You may not be able to control these conditions, but you can certainly adjust for them with your choice of a riflescope.” With up to 160 MOA or 46.5 MRAD of total elevation travel for the 425-50 model and 110 MOA or 32 MRAD for the 636-56 model, the LRP S3 ensures the bullet impact even on the most distant targets. The riflescopes utilize ZEISS’ proven external elevation turret with enhanced engraving for precise shot placement. Together with the ballistic stop, which provides an absolute and true return to zero, and the external locking windage turret, the ZEISS LRP S3 offers the shooter easy access for immediate wind correction and a locking feature to secure the setting.

Advanced Optics – for reliable target identification

The LRP S3 first focal plane riflescope from ZEISS is equipped with advanced optics, allowing the shooter to quickly locate and define the targets. The optical performance is assured via the use of extra-low dispersion (ED) lens elements and ZEISS’ proprietary T* multi-layer lens coating for optimum color fidelity, image brightness and edge-to-edge sharpness within the entire field-of-view. Additionally, the new riflescopes deliver 90% light transmission for a noticeably brighter image. ZEISS’ protective LotuTec lens coating, for anti-fogging and to repel dust, dirt, or fingerprints, complete the advanced optical design of the ZEISS LRP S3.

Daylight visible illuminated reticles – for intuitive aiming

The already proven first focal plane reticles ZF-MOAi and ZF-MRi represent MOA and MRAD smarter reticle designs. “Our powerful daylight visible illuminated reticles were designed with professional input from active competitors and instructors”, reported Brown. “Each incorporate distinct, clean, and easy-to- understand reference marks along the main horizontal and vertical lines of the reticle”. Both offer fine line reticle subtensions and floating center dots to serve the demands of precision shooters and long-range hunters alike. The user can select red or green illumination and the preferred setting from five intensity levels. Only the center section of the reticle is illuminated for the most precise point of aim even when viewing against challenging targets or in harsher lighting conditions.

Robust and compact – for usage in rough terrain

With its 34 mm aluminum main tube mono-bloc housing, shock tested up to 1,500g-force, waterproofness up to 400 mbar, the LRP S3 is not only compact but also very robust. It is engineered for extreme usage in rough terrain. “The LRP S3 meets all requirements not only for long-range competitions but also for particularly demanding hunting situations over long distances”, Brown summed up.

More information and availability

ZEISS LRP S3 first focal plane riflescopes are covered by ZEISS’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and Five- Year No-Fault Policy. Both models, the ZEISS LRP S3 425-50 and 636-56, will be available at ‘Authorized ZEISS Retailers’ beginning early October 2022 for the North America markets and April 2023 for all other markets. For more information about the ZEISS LRP S3 see

Here are some more product photos of the LRP S3.

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