SPD MAGS Magazine Conversion Kits with Built-in Mag Loader By: Hrachya H


Anyone who has ever loaded a double stack single feed magazine will confirm that it is not the easiest magazine type to load, to say the least. No wonder why magazine loaders of many different styles exist that make loading ammunition in such magazines easier. SPD MAGS of Kerrville TX is another company that offers a solution for this issue. They make handgun magazine internal parts replacement kits with a built-in mechanism that makes the loading easier. Let’s see how the SPD MAGS conversion kits work.

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SPD MAGS set out to invent a baseplate for an OEM magazine that would make it easy, fast, and convenient to load, without help from any other tool. After 4 plus years of research and development and 3 patents, the result is a is a Kit that installs in the magazine with the same reliability and durability as your OEM mag, but much more enjoyable to use.


SPD MAGS conversion kits are drop-in assemblies that are installed into OEM magazine bodies. As seen in the pictures, the follower in the SPD MAGS conversion kit is connected to the baseplate via a wire. In order to relieve the tension from the follower and make loading the ammunition into the magazine easier, one must turn the dial at the rear of the baseplate clockwise which will pull the follower down compressing the spring. After loading the ammunition, the dial must be turned counterclockwise to release the follower. The video below shows how to load a magazine equipped with an SPD MAGS conversion kit. Their YouTube channel also contains videos showing how to install these kits into OEM magazine bodies.

SPD MAGS currently offers conversion kits for Glock (G19/G17, G22, G23, G43X/G48), SIG Sauer (P320, P365) and Springfield Armory (Hellcat/Hellcat Pro) magazines with versions for Smith & Wesson, Shield Arms and Magpul magazines being in the works. Regardless of magazine make and model, the MSRP of SPD MAGS conversion kits is $39.95. These conversion kits are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Pictures by SPD MAGS, www.spdmags.com