Kestrel Ballistics Releases the KST1000 Shot Timer By: Luke C.


In the world of shooting, a shot timer is often the go-to device for those looking to improve their speed and performance. Even for the casual shooter, having to complete a simple course of fire or drill while under the clock can prove to be an important and fun way to spice up your training. Kestrel Ballistics, well known for its high-quality ballistic calculator devices has just announced the release of their new KST1000 Shot Timer.

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Kestrel Ballistics Releases the KST1000 Shot Timer

Kestrel Ballistics Releases the KST1000 Shot Timer

The KST1000 Shot Timer by Kestrel Ballistics is the most versatile, rugged, and dependable shot timer available. Backed by a 5-year warranty and made in the USA, this timer won’t quit.

The Kestrel KST1000 is a 100% designed and built in the USA product and comes loaded down with extra features that other shot timers don’t have including 5 different nameable setting presets, 2 easy-to-use screens optimized to be viewed best from either your hip or your hand, is compatible with dry fire and suppressed shooting, an extra loud buzzer, is waterproof and dust proof, is Bluetooth link enabled, and has also been drop-tested to MIL-STD-810G standards. World Champion Shooter Dough Koenig has been testing the new KST1000 and has said it is “the best shot timer on the market.”

Kestrel Ballistics Releases the KST1000 Shot Timer

The KST1000 also has features for echo settings to help with training in different types of environments where the echo may trigger the detection of a second shot. the KST1000 makes use of two CR123 batteries and has a typical battery life of up to 90 hours of use (I’d really like to see a Li-Ion rechargeable version). At the time of writing, the KST1000 Shot Timer is not compatible with the popular online competitive shooting app Practiscore but this is something that Kestrel says they hope to eventually have integrated into the unit down the road, possibly through a firmware update (the video posted below states the exact opposite of what the product page says).

Kestrel Ballistics Releases the KST1000 Shot Timer

The Kestrel Ballistics KST1000 Shot Timer is currently sold for a price of $299 making it one of the most expensive models of shot timer while at the same time adding a bunch of new features, customization, and functionality to the concept. At the time of writing, these new shot timers are in stock and ready to ship. What do you guys think of this new shot timer? Is it finally time to replace that aging CED 7000?