Germany Copies the Soviets: L23 & L27 Silencers By: Ian McCollum


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The German L23 silencer was essentially a copy of captured Soviet Bramit silencers, complete with the attachment system locking around a rifle front sight. Two hundred of these made for the K98k rifle for German trials. These resulted in a desire for a better attachment method, and this led to the L27 design. The L27 was essentially the same wipe-based suppressor but attached using the locking clamp of the German rifle grenade spigots. A full thousand of the L27 silencers were ordered for production, although a shortage of rubber for the baffles (this was late in 1944) forced production to end early.

The L27 was intended to be used on basically all German 8mm small arms – the K98k, G43/K43, and MP44/StG44. Like the Soviet Bramit, it was intended for subsonic ammo, and a range table was engraved on body of can to give rear sight settings for ranges out to 250m with subsonics.