The CZ-2000 as a 9mm SMG Prototype By: Ian McCollum


There have been several examples of the AK being used as the basis for a pistol-caliber SMG or PDW. The Russians made the Vityaz, the Hungarians made the KGPF-9…and the Czechs actually made a version form the CZ-2000. This was the attempt to make a 5.56mm AK family of rifles form the roots of the 5.45mm Lada project developed in the last years of communist Czechoslovakia.

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It is unclear who exactly this pattern was made for, as it wasn’t a part of the formal CZ-2000 system. It is also not a very good adaptation, with a very short bolt travel, which leads to a very high rate of fire and makes it difficult to control by 9mm standards. Still, it is a fascinating one-of-a-kind prototype to get a look at!

Many thanks to the fine filks at CZ for giving me a chance to take this out of their archives to show you – and then to actually try it out! Check out all their social media here: