POTD: Victrix Armaments Gladio V Rifle By: Eric B


The number of internet users worldwide will soon reach reach the 5-billion mark. Our world has never been so connected. Great photos can spread like wildfire, but the story and the necessary context sometimes gets left behind. But not in TFB’s Photo Of The Day. We will always accompany the images with some kind of background and credits where due. Today’s image is from Victrix Armaments and their mighty Gladio V long-range bolt-action rifle. Here’s how they described it:

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Field-Tested, from 2400 years.

The Victrix Gladio V is our tribute to the main weapon of the Ancient Rome, our roots lie in the history of a State, that become an Empire.

Strong, precise and above all ergonomic, Gladio represents the evolution of sniping, chambered in .308 Winchester, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor

The rifle is equipped with accessories from Rottigni Officina MEccanica (ROME):

– Scope Mount cod. M1N00K
– Scope mounted rail cod. ARO101
– Large accessory rail cod. ARO103
– Detachable carry handle cod. ARO206
– Forend mounted rail cod. TAC355
– Bipod Fulcrum cod. BPDRO260

I think they make some of the coolest-looking rifles. What’s your opinion?

For more details check www.romeaccessories.it and www.victrixarmaments.com/en/