Concealed Carry for Women — Wearing What You Want By: Patti Miller


Generally speaking, concealed carry for women is not as easy as it is for a man. Different body contours and structures, as well as fewer clothing options to choose from, make it hard to conceal a firearm. It can be a challenge on a good day. Amber with FieldCraft Survival Channel [YouTube channel] talks through the considerations for clothing and holster options.

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Amber from FieldCraft Survival deomonstrates concealed carry for women
It isn’t always easy to carry concealed for women. Women’s clothing tends to be more form fitting and doesn’t offer the same ease that most men have. Amber with FieldCraft Survival talks through the considerations and outfit options to help women find what works for them to successfully carry.

The first thing Amber talks about is the importance of catering to your existing wardrobe for carrying concealed. The last thing any female wants to do is to replace their existing wardrobe, a few pieces sure, but not the whole thing. You should be able to carry concealed without losing the freedom to showcase your style.

Outfit Considerations

  1. Casual outfits
  2. Dressier or professional outfits
  3. Athleisure outfits

Additionally, it is important to understand and know your body. The key to carrying is knowing how to modify your carry to compliment your body. She gives an illustration of how she has to place her holster on her left side because of her small stature. In order to not have the grip protrude and reduce printing (showing that you’re carrying), she had to move it to the left side. The key point is that everyone has peaks and valleys on their bodies and to avoid placement on the peaks.

Casual Outfits

The first look Amber showcases is the casual or everyday look—jeans, boots, and a top. Her top is a bodysuit, so it doesn’t cover the holster attached to the waistband of her jeans. She adds a long-sleeved shirt to show how easy it is to modify an existing outfit for concealed carry.

concealed carry for women, Casual outfit
The first outfit that Amber shows is a casual outfit. Her main message is to make small modifications to your existing wardrobe and you’ll be able to conceal carry successfully. In this instance, she added a looser fitting long sleeved shirt to cover the weapon.

She concedes that there are better ways to conceal, but this is just a basic example of how easily you can change the outfit to accommodate your needs.

Dressy and Professional Outfits

For this segment, Amber is dressed in a skirt with the same top. For this outfit, she could put a sweater or jacket on, but there isn’t a sturdy waistband on the skirt. The key to a successful carry is the retention of the firearm. A good option for carrying, in this case, is to make a layer between the skirt and the shirt to hold the firearm safely and securely.

concealed carry for women, Dressy Outfit
The next outfit Amber shows is a dressier or professional outfit. This outfit doesn’t provide a sturdy waistband to carry from, so she adds a Phlster Enigma Holster, which goes under her skirt and against her body for retention and concealment.

The Enigma Express from Phlster attaches inside the waistband towards the body. It is a truly customized carry in that you adjust the band to your waist, and it has a leg retention band to keep the gun safe, secured, and concealed. The Enigma provides a framework under clothing to keep it discreet and against your body.


The last outfit category Amber shows is athletic gear, like what you would wear working out or taking the kids to the park. Even in these times, personal security and safety need to be addressed. She says that leggings are a good way to carry concealed for women, but only if it is done correctly. Most leggings have a flimsy waistband so there is unreliable retention of the holster, so the key is the right kind of waistband.

Carrying Athleisure
The last outfit Amber shows is for working out or athleisure. Normal leggings don’t have a solid waistband for concealed carry. Here, she is wearing the Alexo leggings that are specifically designed for concealed carrying a firearm with a holster.

She illustrates a good way to carry in athleisure with a pair of Alexo concealed carry leggings. They are specifically made for concealed carry with a compression panel in the waistband. The leggings also feature left- and right-hand carry options in both the appendix and kidney carry methods. With this method, she would wear a shirt over the top but for the purpose of the video, she isn’t wearing one because she wanted to show how it works.

These examples of concealed carry for women are just that: examples. She reiterates the best thing is to use pieces from your existing wardrobe and make it work with little tweaks. Judging by the comments on the video, these helpful tips helped a lot of folks successfully carry.