New G-Stop Reversible Hand Stop from GrovTec By: Luke C.


Hand stops, vertical foregrips, lights, lasers, bipods, and TAC-SACs all take up valuable and limited rail space. To help alleviate some of that crowded space on your favorite firearm, GrovTec has just announced the introduction of their new space-saving G-Stop reversible hand stop that only takes up 2″ of real space and can be flipped 180 degrees to serve as either a hand stop or a barricade stop depending on what your specific flavor of shooting calls for.

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New G-Stop Reversible Hand Stop from GrovTec

Machined from billet aluminum, then Type III black anodized, the G-Stop takes barricade duty seriously with a flat face perfect for pressing against flat surfaces such as training barricades, car door edges, and any other form of field-expedient stabilization.

Other popular designs have failed by either being too small to be effective or so large they might as well be an angled foregrip. The G-Stop splits the middle with enough material to hold on to without adding a brick of aluminum to your rifle. The G-Stop hangs 1.25″ from your rail; plenty to lean against a barricade, and enough to safely prevent over-extension of a hand onto a hot suppressor or gas block.

When positioned forward on the handguard the G-Stop can also serve as a stopping point for bench shooters to ensure they don’t slip too far forward or back on the rest.

The new G-Stop Reverseible Hand Stop from GrovTec

The new G-Stop reversible hand stop weighs in at just under an ounce so it adds virtually no weight to your rig. Having the piece in the hand stop configuration allows you to have similar characteristics to a mag-well hold for recoil control but moves it forward for better aiming stability during follow-up shots. The G-Stop will be sold for an MSRP of $44 and will be available in an M-LOK compatible configuration. The G-Stop is currently only available in one color – black – and comes with all of the hardware and tools needed to install it on your preferred firearm. For more information or to check out GrovTec’s other fine products you can visit