Washington Homeowner Shoots Burglar in Self-Defense By: Kimber Pearce

A residential burglary attempt ended with one of the suspects injured and the other on the run. (Photo: Fox13)

Washington police got involved earlier this month when a residential burglary was interrupted with a bang. 

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Early Thursday morning, September 1st, two male suspects attempted to enter a suburban home in Parkland, Washington through a side window.

When this attempt proved unsuccessful, reports indicate that the suspects shifted focus and started rifling through the car outside.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office stated that at this point the homeowner, who remains anonymous, found the two perps near the front door.

Reports are unclear about the chronology of the ensuing events, but the burglars discharged pepper spray at the homeowner, and several shots were fired from the homeowner’s gun, hitting at least one of the suspects. 

According to recent updates from Fox13, further investigation indicates that the robber who was found on the scene is 38 years old, and he was said to be in critical condition.

He was transported to a nearby hospital where he has been treated for his injuries. The other suspect, whose identity and current physical state are both unknown, has yet to be detained.

Sgt. Moss, one of the officers on the case, was interviewed and announced that there seemed to be no reason that the homeowner was acting in anything but self-defense. For this reason, the homeowner will not be charged.

The two perpetrators will not be so lucky. The sheriff’s office has stated that both suspects are facing charges of residential burglary and assault. 

King5 reporting on the scene.

Neighbors who overheard the incident were also interviewed by Fox13 and the overall consensus was deep concern.

Holly Petree even mentioned her family’s immediate plan to move, spurred by this frightening occasion.

“It’s not a thought, it’s a definite; we’re definitely moving… It was very scary.”

Citizens start to reflect on the safety of their neighborhood

While the thought of burglaries in one’s neighborhood would indeed be scary; unfortunately, moving is not an option for every family.

Despite the chances of residential burglary being relatively low; perhaps those in urban and suburban areas should follow this gun owner’s example: preparation is key.