Henry Auctions Off One-of-a-Kind .44-40 Lever-Action for Shadow Warriors By: Luke C.


Henry Repeating Arms has a great history of auctioning off some truly unique firearms in order to support a good cause. This month they’re back at it again auctioning off a new one-of-a-kind rifle with the proceeds going to benefit the Shadow Warriors Project which aims to support private security contractors returning from the battle in some of the world’s most dangerous locations. The auction is for a custom engraved and detailed Henry .44-40 lever-action rifle which will ship complete with a velvet-topped walnut display case to truly make it a collectible item for the auction winner.

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Henry Auctions Off One-of-a-Kind .44-40 Lever-Action for Shadow Warriors

Henry Auctions Off One-of-a-Kind .44-40 Lever-Action for Shadow Warriors

Henry Repeating Arms, one of the country’s leading firearm manufacturers, is proud to announce its latest Guns For Great Causes campaign with the donation of a one-of-a-kind New Original Henry Rifle to benefit the Shadow Warriors Project, co-founded by speaker, best-selling author, and former private military security contractor, Mark “Oz” Geist. The ornately engraved firearm is currently up for auction on Gunbroker.com, with 100% of the proceeds from the winning bid going directly to funding Shadow Warrior Project’s endeavors. Early estimates suggest the auction could exceed $50,000.

Henry Repeating Arms is donating one of the most exclusive rifles ever built in the company’s history, a custom 1-of-1 Shadow Warriors Project edition New Original Henry Rifle featuring hand-chased engraving and rare exhibition-grade American walnut furniture. The rifle bears the Shadow Warriors Project emblem on one side of the hardened brass receiver, the Seal of the President of the United States on the opposite, and a unique custom “SW911” serial number. Flourishing leafy-vine scrollwork and a scalloped border fill out the embellishments on both sides of the rifle.

Henry Auctions Off One-of-a-Kind .44-40 Lever-Action for Shadow Warriors

The custom one-of-one Henry rifle will be made using modern materials but constructed in such a way that it is still accurate to Benjamin Tyler Henry’s 1860 patent for the first successful repeating rifle. The rifle includes a one-piece octagonal barrel, a 13-round tube magazine, a deeply blued and highly polished finish, and a polished brass crescent buttplate featuring a period-correct “trapdoor” compartment as well as folding ladder rear sights and a brass blade front sight. The auction is currently live on Gunbroker.com and at the time of writing, the bidding sits at $11,500. The auction will conclude on September 16th at 9am Central. For more information or to check out the auction page yourself, you can visit this link here.

Henry Auctions Off One-of-a-Kind .44-40 Lever-Action for Shadow Warriors

All photos by Gunbroker.com – Henry Repeating Arms