Viridian Pumps Out GX4 XL Compatible E Series Laser Sights By: Luke C.


With the launch of the new Taurus GX4 XL underway, Viridian has already come to the market with GX4 XL compatible E Series red and green laser aiming sights for the pistol. The popular E Series pistol-mounted laser collection has been steadily expanding over the years to cover many popular models of firearm including all of the latest micro-compact 9mm and 380 ACP pistols modern concealed carriers are after.

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Viridian Pumps Out GX4 XL Compatible E Series Laser Sights

Viridian Pumps Out GX4 XL Compatible E Series Laser Sights

“The E SERIES line is one of Viridian’s top sellers, and I am happy to announce new expansion with long term partners like Taurus,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “The Taurus GX4XL is an improvement to an already great pistol. I’m extremely excited that we can offer our laser sights for their expanding line of industry-leading firearms.”

Taurus has made its claim to fame in manufacturing premium handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting. Its newest release, the GX4XL, is the second model iteration of the GX4 series pistols. With an extended barrel and slide assembly, the GX4XL offers top of the line performance and accuracy that is needed for an everyday carry. The GX4XL is designed optics ready, and a Viridian Essential Laser Sight can easily be attached to improve target acquisition and aim at any time.

These sights are backed by Viridian’s seven-year warranty and have been designed to fit many handgun models such as the Taurus GX4XL. Viridian continues to plan further expansion and offer availability to more brands and models in the coming months.

Viridian Pumps Out GX4 XL Compatible E Series Laser Sights

Both the E Series red and green lasers are already available on the Viridian Weapon Tech website and customers can expect to pay $149 for the green laser variant or $132 for the red variant. The Viridian GX4 XL compatible E Series laser sights will fit either the long slide GX4 XL or the standard-sized GX4 pistol. For more information or to check out Viridian’s other offerings, you can visit