Eberlestock Recon Modular Bino Pack – The New Favorite Reviewed By: True Pearce


Eberlestock is famous in the special forces world for their backpacks.  They’ve recently been breaking into the hunting market with lighter-weight packs, technical clothing, and a brand new bino pack that just might be the best I’ve ever tested. The Eberlestock Recon is pretty legit. Prior to this, my go-to bino pack was the Alaska Guide Creations – – which I liked for the most part. The biggest problem is that they’re now owned by Meateater who is owned by Chernin Group, a very anti-2nd Amendment corporation. It was time for a change and the Eberlestock Recon couldn’t have come at a better time. 

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The Recon comes in two sizes and three different colors. The one being reviewed and pictured is the Small in Green. It fits most binos up to 42mm objectives.

The Recon in its simplest form with no accessories.

It’s also currently available in gray and coyote. 

The main bino compartment has a lid that locks shut using magnets. This seals your compartment from dust, debris, tree branches, and water. It also locks open so that if you’re actively glassing you don’t need to constantly open and shut the lid. 

In the front is a pouch that zips shut.  I keep all my licenses and tags inside that pouch. On the sides are two small pouches that have elastic tops. I keep wind indicator powder and chapstick on one side and a predator mouth call and Havalon knife on the other side. 

The zippered compartment is built into the main pouch.

In the sides that attach to the harness are wings, for lack of a better word, with molle attachments. Eberlestock has a plethora of attachments like a rangefinder pouch, bear spray holder, zippered accessories pouch, and more that will attach to the sides. 

Those molle straps are on both sides and there are a plethora of accessories that fit onto them from Eberlestock and from anyone else that makes molle attachments.

On the bottom, you can pull out the back and expose velcro.  This attaches the other accessories that Eberlestock has created for the system.  These accessories can all be attached at once if desired.  They include a molle panel for attaching a Safariland Retention holster system,  zippered bag,  and the best and softest handwarmer muff I’ve ever seen complete with a pocket for a hot hands packet. 

With some of the accessories attached.
The handwarmer is awesome and has a zippered pocket for placing a Hot Hands inside.

On the back is an open-top pocket made from breathable padded mesh.  I put my extra Havalon blades inside. 

I hook my Garmin Inreach Mini to the molle on the wings

The system is easy to configure for different styles of hunting and I change mine almost every time depending on where I’m going and what I’m hunting.  For example, for archery hunting I prefer a small handheld rangefinder over rangefinding binoculars,  so I attach the small rangefinder pouch to the side.

When rifle hunting I might replace it with something else. 

A zippered pouch that attaches underneath kind of like a dangler on body armor. There is a molle accessory that also attaches here that would allow mounting a pistol.

I’ve hunted using the Recon on horses and I can get it high enough and tight enough that it doesn’t hit the horn or bounce off my chin.  I’ve also used it with a backpack and I can’t really tell it’s there.  

A zippered accessory pouch.

The system is lightweight and can be configured to work exactly how you might want it to.  Watch the video for a full breakdown of the setup. 

The author after a successful archery hunt with his Recon bino pack.

Weight: 13.6 oz

MSRP: $119.00

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