10 Reason’s why the On Glass Adapter is Currently My Favorite Digiscoping Device By: True Pearce


Over the years I’ve tried just about every gadget there is for taking photos and videos with my phone through a spotting scope. So far, the best I’ve tried as far as working and for the money (it’s the least expensive)  is the On Glass Adapter. 

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Reason #1. You don’t need to buy a new case every time you upgrade your phone to work with your digiscoping system. The little piece that sticks to the back of your phone is only $10. Technically you could peel it off and superglue it onto your next case. 

The black piece on the back of the phone is all that needs to be installed. None of the rest of it needs to be in your pocket.

Reason #2 You can use whatever phone case you’d normally use and that will protect your phone the best. I’ve used other digiscoping systems, and the cases, if they’re even available for the latest model phone, suck. They break and don’t protect your phone. 

Reason #3 The part that attaches to your phone is small, lightweight, and still works with wireless phone chargers. It also still fits in my pocket, unlike many of the other options on the market.

The piece on the back of the phone and the eyepiece adapter slide together to perfectly align with your phone’s camera.

Reason #4. It’s less expensive than the competitors. The entire system is a one-time fee of $70 (on sale for $50 right now) and that includes the adapter to attach it to your spotting scope. I paid that much or more just for the case of a competitor. 

It takes two seconds to slide the tab through the eyepiece adapter and you’re all aligned for photos.

Reason #5. You can choose which camera to use and it doesn’t block your other cameras or show up in your wide-angle photos. My phone takes insanely good photos. I have 4 camera lenses on the front. I can choose which to use for taking photos and videos through my spotting scope or binos by how I align and install the piece that attaches to my phone case.

Photo taken through the On Glass Adapter, Leupold Mark 4 spotter, and Samsung S22.

Reason #6. Installation is simple with the alignment tab that you pull off afterward. 

Reason #7. It’s NOT HUGE! It’s also very lightweight and if you’re hunting like I am you know those ounces equal pounds.

Reason #8. It’s tough, and even if you were to break it, there’s a warranty. 

Reason #9 You can attach it to spotting scopes, binoculars, and night vision like a PVS 14. 

The On Glass is connected to a Leica 3200 Rangefinding Bino and lightweight tripod. The phone is one of the biggest on the market and the On Glass handles it fine.

Reason #10 It’s made in America. The On Glass Adapter was created and is owned by a former Air Force SOF Combat Controller that did multiple tours in Afghanistan and is now studying to be an engineer. He’s a super good dude with some great ideas and the skill and know-how to put them into practice. 

That flag is likely two miles away. Pretty incredible what you can see through a spotter and a phone lens.


Step one – Choose what optic you’ll be putting this on. There’s a list on the website but if yours isn’t included, it’s a simple measurement of your eyepiece.

Step Two – Figure out which camera on your phone you want to use. I turned on the camera and held my finger over each lens to figure out which was which. I used the 1x camera lens.

Step Three – Align the tab over the camera hole. That ensures that it’s perfectly aligned when it’s on the spotter. 

Step 4 – Attach. Peel the backer and attach it to your phone case. After it’s attached, break off the alignment tab.

Step 5 – Attach your phone and take cool videos and photos through your spotting scope.

Taken using the On Glass Adapter through Leupold Mark 4 spotter.

There are some great short videos on the On Glass website that are worth watching.

Full kit for one bino or spotter is $70.00 but it’s on sale right now for $50.

Visit On Glass Adapter’s website to learn more