Contact Your Senators and Governor Wolf To Support The Appointment Of Joshua Prince To The Commonwealth Court By: Joshua Prince, Esq.


As our viewers are aware, in March, I was honored to receive a copy of a two-page February 28, 2022 letter sent by Senators Mensch and Argall to Senators Corman, Kim Ward, and Aument, voicing their support for my appointment to the Commonwealth Court.

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Almost simultaneously, I also was surprised and extremely honored to receive an email from the PA Sheriff’s Association (PSA) informing me that their executive committee, in a unanimous vote, voted to send a letter to Governor Wolf, voicing its support for my appointment to the Commonwealth Court.

However, since then, while I’ve received an outpouring of support for my appointment to the Commonwealth Court, Governor Wolf has not taken any action, including to even offer interviews to potential appointees. Since the election of then-Judge Brobson to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Commonwealth Court has been working tirelessly to deal with a growing caseload in conjunction with one less judge. Unfortunately, unless there is an appointment, the court will be working with this deficit through January of 2024, as the election for then-Judge Brobson’s spot on the court will not take place until November of 2023 and the winner of that election is generally not installed on the court until January of the following year.

It is imperative that the Commonwealth Court have a full contingent of judges to timely and efficiently decide matters. The interests of justice demand it.

Therefore, I am asking you to contact your Senator, Senator Leadership (Jake Corman and Kim Ward) and Governor Wolf and voice your support for my appointment. I would also ask that if you’re supportive of my appointment that you ask your friends and family to also consider supporting me in this endeavor.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve spent my entire legal career defending the civil rights of the residents of the Commonwealth. For example,

  1. When Governor Wolf ordered the shuttering of law firms, as non-life sustaining businesses, during COVID, so that lawyers would be unable to challenge his unlawful executive fiats, I immediately filed a King’s Bench Application with the PA Supreme Court challenging the Order and informing the Court, pursuant to my ethical duties, that I was filing it in direct violation of the Order. Almost immediately thereafter, Governor Wolf deemed law firms life sustaining businesses.
  2. When the Wolf Administration went after restaurants and other establishments, like Taste of Sicily, Attorney Eric Winter and I defended them and precluded fines and license revocations from occurring.
  3. When the Pennsylvania State Police violated the Criminal History Record Information Act, I was successful in obtaining what is believed to be the first financial judgment against the PSP, which was later affirmed by the PA Supreme Court.
  4. When the Pennsylvania State Police, at the direction of Attorney General Shapiro and Governor Wolf, in eviscerating our tripartite of government, took it upon itself to redefine the definition of firearm in the Commonwealth, I filed suit and obtained an injunction against such conduct.
  5. And just this past week, I obtained an injunction against the Pennsylvania State Police for failing to comply with its statutory duty that the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) provide an immediate response to background check inquiries.

And these are just a few of the cases were I ardently defended the the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions. If you or your friends have further questions about my qualifications for the court, please don’t hesitate to review all the cases that I’ve litigated in the state and federal courts, defending our inviolate rights. It is imperative that we appoint and elect those individuals who take their oath to uphold and defend the state and federal constitutions seriously and I’d welcome an opportunity to put my qualifications up against other potential appointees.