Bulman Gunleather Kydex Rigs By: Rob Garrett


I first met Josh Bulman of Bulman Gun Leather through the “Louder Than Words” project. I was impressed with his attention to quality and to details. While many of his holsters are similar to other legacy makers, his execution is exceptional. Keeping that in mind, I was astounded when he sent me photos of several kydex holsters he had built. This resulted in a rapid phone call to get the “rest of the story!”

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Over the years, Josh has built relationships in the special operations and intelligence communities. To borrow a quote from Paris Theodore, founder of Seventrees, his work has been “unseen in the best places!” Josh recently received a request from a dignitary protection unit that needed a hard use shoulder holster for harsh conditions. The solution was to build a rig that featured a kydex holster with a traditional leather harness. It was a natural progression for him to extend the kydex line to outside the waistband, and inside the waistband rigs.

The Bulman SDS-K is available with either an off-set belt plate or a pancake design.

He recently sent me two models of his Straight Drop Scabbard Kydex (SDS-K), OWB holster, for my Glock 19 MOS. The SDS-K is available in two configurations. The first uses a belt loop plate that allows the user to adjust the rake or angle. It also off-sets the holster for the body to allow for  body armor and it is ideal for a battle belt. The second version is a more traditional pancake version which tucks the holster close to the body. Both holsters are molded to accommodate suppressor height sights and a red dot optic. They can also be ordered to allow for an extended barrel. Two tension screws allow for retention adjustment to meet the user’s preferences.

The belt loop plate, one the SDS-K, features multiple mounting points for adjustments in cant and height. It is also adjustable for belt width. The pancake type loops, tuck the holster for optimal concealment.
Both holsters are cut and molded to accommodate a red dot optic, such as the Aimpoint P-1 ACRO, shown here.

To match the SDS-K, Josh made a Dual Magazine Carrier Kydex (DMC-K). The carrier is molded for two magazines and the body of the carrier is arched to conform to the waist. The overall height is governed by the belt loops and allows ample room for a proper purchase on the magazine. I appreciate the manner in which Josh angles the base of each magazine cell to reduce bulk and improve comfort. The molding of the cells allows for ambidextrous use.

The DMC-K is a dual belt magazine carrier that is both comfortable and secure.
Both the front and rear of the DMC-K features angled molding to reduce the bulk and improve comfort.

Josh also sent me a TSA-K, inside the waistband rig, and a single mag pouch for my Wilson Combat custom Glock 43. While made for the Glock 43, with an adjustment in the tension screws, it will also fit the Glock 43X. Both the holster and the magazine pouch utilize clips instead of belt loops. The holster uses a dual steel tab that can be clipped over the belt or directly to the waistband. The magazine pouch uses a single clip. Both worked well and are ideal when a low profile is required.

The TSA-K is a low profile, inside the waistband holster that is ideal for low profile carry. The dual steel tab provides both ease of mounting and positive security.
The magazine carrier is secured by a single steel clip that can be mounted on either side making it ambidextrous.

Heading to the range I found that the holsters provided proper retention while allowing for a clean, drag free, release. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the detailed molding and gray color proved to be very attractive.

The Glock 19 used for the evaluation has been customized by Wilson Combat. Follow this link to see the options they offer for the Glock. You can read more about this pistol here, GunsAmerica Review Wilson Combat Glock 19 MOS

As I was finishing this article, Josh sent me one of his new kydex shoulder holsters. The kydex design offers positive retention, without the need of a safety strap, while allowing a one-handed re-holster of the pistol. The leather “figure 8” harness is a proven design that is both comfortable and low profile. A double magazine pouch is carried on the off side and is easily accessible.

Bulman recently introduced a new kydex shoulder holster that offers several advantages over traditional leather designs. (Photo Credit: Josh Bulman)

Josh has been making quality leather since 1994 and went full time in 2000. His experience with premium leather has allowed him to build kydex right. It also gives him an opportunity to offer holsters, at a reduced price, with a faster turnaround time. As a rule, he builds to order and has the ability to custom mark the holsters with his laser engraver.

While there are hundreds of companies offering kydex holsters, Bulman’s construction and options set his holsters apart. So, if you are in the market, send him an email at bulmangunleather@gmail.com or visit his website.