Glock MOS with Direct Mounting Now Available for LE Purchase By: Tactical Life


One of the biggest and most criticized weaknesses of the Glock MOS pistols is the mount system. An entire cottage industry exists to provide better plates for these guns. Many users wondered why Glock wouldn’t simply direct mill the slide for specific optic footprints. Well, the good news is that now they do. But the bad news is that these MOS guns are only available for LE agency purchase.

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The Glock MOS-7 is Direct Mount Capable for the Aimpoint ACRO

The ACRO P-2 is probably the best pistol optic on the market right now, and it’s popular with agencies that are issuing red dots to their officers. It makes sense that one of the direct mount Glock MOS options would be a Glock 45 with an ACRO mount. The photo in the header, which we got from Matt Jacques, who guys by Victory First on Instagram ( sent that in. Below, this photo shows the breakdown of which number on the MOS system the mounts represent.

lineup of direct mill Glock MOS options

As you can see, they have covered all the popular mounting footprints.

Private Citizens Can’t Order the new Direct Mount Glock MOS Guns

Unfortunately, the bad news is that you can’t just roll up to your gun store and buy a new Glock 45 MOS that’s capable of direct mounting a Trijicon RMR. Glock is only making these available for agency ordering. It sucks, but it makes sense from a financial perspective. If you think about it, producing a run of MOS-7 slides for ACROs for example runs the risk that not every single one of them will sell.

Glock 45 MOS with ACRO

But if you sell to an agency, you know exactly how many you’ll need to make. Whether it’s 2 or 200 guns, agency orders and the contracts they come on are perfect for Glock in this scenario. So, for now unless you’re the purchasing agent for a law enforcement agency or security company, you can’t get one. But the good news is that they’ll definitely trickle out into the commercial market. Hopefully, the new Glock MOS direct mount guns will just get added to Glock’s catalog and we’ll be able to buy them.

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