Apex Extended Takedown Lever for Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat PRO By: Patti Miller


Love the Springfield Hellcat? You might be interested in this new upgrade. Apex Tactical Specialties has added another upgrade product for the popular Springfield Armory Hellcat and Hellcat Pro—the Apex Extended Takedown Lever.

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Takedown Lever from Apex Tactical
Apex Tactical Specialties line of aftermarket accessories for the Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat Pro now includes an Extended Takedown Lever.

It features an extended and serrated face, as the name implies. The extended nature allows for easier disassembly by the user. With its larger size, it offers a thumb rest for those who shoot with a thumbs-forward grip.

Extended Takedown Lever on white
The Extended Takedown Lever is larger than the factory lever with a serrated face to help make disassembly easier for the end user.

There is a word of note, however, that the extended face may interfere with some holster makes. Apex recommends customers consult their holster manufacturer about clearance.

This new upgrade for the Springfield Hellcat joins the group of aftermarket items from Apex, like an extended magazine release and single-side thumb safety. The Extended Takedown Lever is available for $55.00.

Extended Lever on gun
Thanks to the larger size, it can act as a thumb rest for those shooters that use a Thumb Forward grip.

Features and Specifications

  • Extended and serrated face for easier disassembly and thumb rest
  • Direct drop-in replacement of factory takedown lever
  • Maintains factory safety values
  • Easy to install
  • MSRP: $55.00
Apex Tactical upgrade for Springfield hellcat
The new product from Apex joins the aftermarket products line including an extended magazine release, an Action Enhancement Trigger, and a failure-resistant extractor.

To see the upgrade more closely and for product installation, watch this instructional video from Apex.