Top 5 guns most often found in police evidence lockers By: Waheed UK


Chad and Eric are known for their “Top 5” gun lists on IraqVeteran8888.

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In this episode they take a look at the top 5 guns most often found in a police evidence locker. More often than not, these guns are seized during drug raids or possessed by someone who is not legally permitted to own a firearm in the first place. Most of these weapons are incredibly cheap, incredibly common, frequently stolen, and sold on the black market.

The list goes in order,

  1. Smith & Wesson Sigma (aka Poorman’s Glock)
  2. Hi-Point C9
  3. “Grandpa’s” .22 rifle (usually Ruger 10/22 or Marlin Model 60)
  4. SKS
  5. “Saturday Night Special” (cheap .38 caliber back-up guns in poor condition)

Take a closer look at each of these weapons and their illegal modifications in the video below.