“Think, Aim, Fire” is back, now on radio By: Lee Williams


The new show, which is cohosted by SOF veteran Bob Keller, debuts today at 5 pm EST.

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“Think, Aim, Fire” is back.

The award-winning podcast cohosted by Bob Keller will now appear on national radio. (What awards did we win? We’ll, Bob’s mom really liked it.)

Bob and I need to thank 2A radio legend and fellow Army veteran Bill Frady for helping us resurrect the show.

Bill is giving us an hour each Wednesday of Lock-N-Load, his nationally syndicated radio program, and he will be joining the show.

Thanks, Bill!

Bill Frady, host of Lock’-N-Load Radio, which airs Monday-Friday from 4-7 pm EST.

Click here to listen to the new “Think, Aim, Fire,” which will broadcast live from 5:00-6:00 pm EST each Wednesday, and then be available archived as a podcast on Bill’s website.

Personally, Bob and I couldn’t be happier. We missed the show, and we missed interacting with you.

For those of you unfamiliar with us, I spent 20 years as a hack journalist. Bob’s a decorated SOF veteran, who spent 17 years in the Army’s most elite special missions unit. He now offers world class instruction in pistol shooting, carbine shooting, and tactics through his training firm Gamut Resolutions. Bob also owns Florida’s premier shooting facility, Range Werx.

Our old show focused on safety, training, debunking myths and all things tactical. The new show will too, and we will continue to answer your questions during our Q&A.

Please click here to email me your questions.

We hope you can tune in, and we hope you will enjoy the new show.