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Six-gun fans just got some good news, with two new models released in an interesting caliber. The Taylor’s & Company TC9, chambered in 9mm, increases cartridge availability, while making a case for defensive use, in a host of Single Action Army-type designs.

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Taylor’s & Company TC9 Details

The TC9 series comprises four different takes on the classic 1873 Cattleman. The Cattleman remains one of the most iconic six-guns ever produced. Now Taylor’s & Company brings back four different models, each coming in at an affordable price.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring this classic firearm reproduction to the modern gun enthusiast,” said Tammy Loy, Owner/CEO, Taylor’s & Company. “We wanted to offer this versatile caliber to broaden our audience and add a familiar caliber to a six-gun. The TC9 is a perfect complement to our very popular Lifestyle Series. This 9mm with a classic revolver look is sure to be very popular with firearm enthusiasts that want the look of a historical pistol with the performance of a modern handgun. The new TC9 has a very classic look and feel.”

The classic Army-sized 1873 Cattleman.

The new TCM comes in two different styles, featuring either walnut checkered grips or black checkered grips. The black checkered grip variant comes with a case-hardened frame. Meanwhile, the walnut stock version comes with a blued steel finish. Both pistols offer either a 4.74- or 5.5-inch barrel length.

Each model utilizes the timeless side-loading gate design with an ejector rod housed within the loading lever assembly for easy loading. The 9mm six-gun includes a steel frame. A rear frame notch and fixed front blade sight round out this classic package.

Prices on the 1873 Cattleman start at $546. For even more info, please visit taylorsfirearms.com.

The smaller variant comes with a wonderful color case-hardened finish.

Taylor’s & Company TC9 1873 Cattleman Models & Specifications:

  • Barrel Length Capacity Overall Length Weight Grip MSRP
  • TC9 #200107: 4.75” 6 10.25” 2.3 lbs Walnut $588.14
  • TC9 #200108: 5.5” 6 11” 2.4 lbs Walnut $588.14
  • TC9 #200109: 4.75” 6 10.25” 2.3 lbs Black $546.39
  • TC9 #200110: 5.5” 6 11” 2.4 lbs Black $546.39

Editor’s Take:

OK, the purists probably don’t want a single-action six-gun in 9mm. But a lot of us sure do. Whether for Cowboy Actions Shooting, a ranch gun, personal defense–or merely for fun–a 9mm six-gun brings loads of practical utility. The 9mm has ascended to one of the most ubiquitous cartridges in all of Gundom. You can just about get in anywhere, at least during normal buying conditions. And modern bullet technology gives the 9mm a much wider range of applications than ever before. We’ve seen other companies, such as Uberti, push basically this same model out recently. The Taylor’s & Company version looks to compete well in a growing field.

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