Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series — Iconic Revolvers By: Kat Ainsworth


Interested in diversifying your gun collection? The Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series, which is part of the manufacturer’s Lifestyle Series, might be the perfect fit. The quartet of revolvers are made to the company’s precise standards and come chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. Read on to learn more about these guns.

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Taylor's & Company TC9 revolver chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum
The Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. (Photo credit: Taylor’s & Company)

Tammy Loy, Owner/CEO, Taylor’s & Company, had a few thoughts about the guns:

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this classic firearm reproduction to the modern gun enthusiast. We wanted to offer this versatile caliber to broaden our audience and add a familiar caliber to a six gun. The TC9 is a perfect complement to our very popular Lifestyle Series. This 9mm with a classic revolver look is sure to be very popular with firearm enthusiasts that want the look of a historical pistol with the performance of a modern handgun. The new TC9 has a very classic look and feel.

Taylor's & Company TC9 revolver features
The Taylor’s & Company TC9 Series of revolvers is part of the gun maker’s Lifestyle Series of guns. (Photo credit: Taylor’s & Company)

Taylor’s & Company provides details of the 9mm revolvers:

The TC9 family includes four reproduction models of the 1873 Cattleman revolver, the most iconic six-gun model ever offered.

The new TC9 9mm pistol is offered in two styles; a large army-size, walnut checkered grip and a black checkered standard size grip. The checkered grip gives increased performance and faster sight acquisition. The new TC9 utilizes a side-loading gate and an ejector rod housed within the loading lever assembly for easy loading, unloading and reloading. The new 9mm revolver clone has a steel frame with a rear frame notch and fixed front blade sight. This iconic 9mm 1873 Cattleman revolver is offered a in a black checkered grip and case-hardened frame and a checkered larger size walnut grip with blued steel finish. Both versions are available in 4.74” and 5.5” barrel lengths.

Taylor's & Company TC9  with black grips and a case-hardened finish
The Taylor’s & Company TC9 is available with black grips and a case-hardened finish. (Photo credit: Taylor’s & Company)

The TC9 Series includes four guns:

  • 1873 SA Blued Army Checkered Grip 4.75 inch barrel 9mm
  • 1873 SA Blued Army Checkered Grip 5.5 inch barrel 9mm
  • 1873 SA Black Checkered Grip 4.75 inch barrel 9mm
  • 1873 SA Black Checkered Grip 5.5 inch barrel 9mm
Taylor's & Company revolver
Taylor’s & Company makes a variety of revolvers, all designed to honor the history of the guns and the Old West cowboy lifestyle. (Photo credit: Taylor’s & Company)

The TC9 line is comprised of single-action revolvers with side-loading gates. The 9mm chambering adds a touch of the modern era while the overall design and aesthetics of the guns are fantastic replicas of historical revolvers. Each version has a six-round capacity and round barrel. It’s the best of both worlds, past and present, all in one package.


Barrel Length4.75 inch or 5.5 inch round
Caliber9x19mm Parabellum
Weight4.75″=2.45 lbs, 5.5″=2.50 lbs
SightsFixed Front Blade, Rear Frame Notch
Overall Length4.75 inch barrels = 10.35 inches and 5.5 inch barrels = 11.10 inches
Action VersionTaylor Tuning Not Available

MSRP starts at $546.39.