Ghost Guns Are Fixed! Long Live Ghost Guns? By: Keith Finch


The Biden Administration and the Democrat controlled congress have made a great amount of noise about their progress to stop illicit firearms, especially GHOST GUNS!!!

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These babayaga of the anti-gun culture war are merely firearms without number on the side, and their number one producer, in the handgun space especially, was Polymer80.

Polymer80 is of course crushed and their “evil” ways of arming the unwashed masses are no more, right?


Last week ATF final rule 2021R-05F, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms, went into effect. Polymer80, Inc., the company that designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that provide ways for customers to participate in the build process while expressing their right to bear arms, is a direct target of this new rule. Polymer80 wholeheartedly disagrees with the ATF final rule, however, in an effort to maintain a legal business, will comply with the unconstitutional regulations.

In accordance with the new ATF final rule, Polymer80 will no longer offer their popular 80% kits in the same configuration in which customers have grown accustom. Instead, Polymer80 has released three new options for consumers interested in building their own legal firearm:

OPTION 1: is an unserialized 80% frame with rear rail, locking block rail system and pins. No jig or tools are included with this product.  OPTION 2: is a serialized frame that does include a jig, tooling, rear rail and locking block rail system. This option is the same as the prior 80% kit offered by Polyer80, but with a serialized frame.  OPTION 3: is the “Build Back Better” kit, which includes everything listed in option 2 plus a slide assembly. This kit contains everything you need to build a complete, serialized firearm.

Well, it seems like they aren’t taking the frame rule on the chin and doing nothing. They are rolling with it and playing the ‘technically correct is the best kind of correct’ card.

Option 1, the unserialized 80% blank, is currently available for purchase at Please note that shipment is not available to all states.

For those interested in assembling without drilling, Polymer80 will continue to offer their AFT “Assemble for Thyself” kit, which includes all the necessary components to build a complete firearm, no drilling required.

Polymer80 will also continue to offer their line of complete pistols, including the popular PFC9 compact pistol and PFS9 full-size pistol, as well as parts and accessories.

I don’t know if Polymer80’s selling serialized firearm kits that have to be NICS’d while also selling unserialized frames that could ostensibly be put into the tools and directions included with the serialized kit is going to fly. But I believe it is, at present, technically correct to the ATF’s rules regarding suppliers of firearm parts.

What the ATF wants is to limit available methods, tools, and directions from easy access and supply. You, an end user, are allowed to build an unserialized firearm but a supplier cannot sell you all the parts, mostly assembled, ready to throw together, with the tools and directions to complete the last little steps required. That combination of factors now constitutes them selling a firearm and it needs to be serialized and transferred via FFL. It’s among the vaguest of vague lines and relies entirely on wink and nod technicalities to function, but that is the rule.