Berrys Projectiles By: Corey


The journey of Berrys Projectiles started back in 1961 when Ray Berry founded the company. Now 60 years later, Berrys is still one of the leading American bullet-producing companies. However, things weren’t always looking bright for Berrys Projectiles. After an industrial accident, Ray Berry was forced to take early retirement. 

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Gilbert Berry, who was only 18 at that time, had big shoes to fill. Carrying the family mantle forward, Gilbert took on the entire responsibility of the company. Gilbert worked relentlessly on making Berrys a leading name in the shooting and ammunition industries. After 40 years of hard work, he finally retired, passing down the business to Tony Berry. 

Tony shared the same goals as his predecessors, which have been the driving force behind the success of Berrys Projectiles. Berrys strives to provide superior quality bullets for everyone’s shooting needs.   

What Do They Do For Shooters?

Berrys is mainly famous for providing quality bullets, but that is not all that they do for shooters. Some of the best-selling bullets from Berrys include the 9mm 115gr Round Nose, 9mm 124gr Round Nose, and 9mm 124gr Round Nose models.

Some of the other famous kinds of bullets that they sell are:

  • Factory Blemishes
  • Hybrid Hollow Print
  • Jacketed Rifle Bullets
  • Muzzle Loaders

What Else Do They Offer?

Berry is famous for providing over sixty types of high-quality plated bullets. However, bullets are not the only thing that you can find from Berrys. 

They are also your go-to place for finding state-of-the-art products like:

  • Ammo Boxes
  • Vibratory Case Cleaning Tumblers
  • Media Sifters

One of the latest products of Berrys that is full of innovation is the VersaCradle™ Gun Vise System. It has two variations, the VersaCradle Complete System and the VersaCradle System Kit. Both of them are complete care packages with all the tools necessary for gun maintenance. 

What Products Are Available?

Other than bullets, they also provide ammo boxes and ammo cans for storing bullets. 20 to 40 Cal Ammo cans are available at Berry. Berry also sells Media Separator, a vibratory cleaner that makes brass cleaning very easy and efficient.

You can also find reloading and shooting accessory products in their store. Berrys also has a cool collection of Tees for both men and women, along with stylish hats.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

Berrys Projectiles make it very easy for customers to shop for bullets, cleaning items, and maintenance kits from the comfort of their homes. From their official website at BerryFMG, you can find their online eCommerce store. 

You can find the products you are looking for and place your order. Berrys Projectiles provides home delivery in the US.

The customer service answers your questions very quickly and is available to help you with any technical problems. 

For now, Berrys Projectiles only supplies to retail owners inside the USA. You can find the nearest dealer locator from their official website, or you can contact their support team online.